Next stop: Melbourne

So tomorrow (Thursday) I’m flying from Nelson to Melbourne for the weekend. I’m going to hook up with Tony Goodson. I’m sure we’ll put the world to rights. Last time I saw Tony was at Starbucks in Islington just before he emigrated. Since then he’s become a father, twice. It will be great to see him again. Not been to Australia before so it’ll be fun to have a quick taste of the Ozzie culture. Any Melbourne bloggers who fancy a coffee, let me know!

Then on Monday I’ll be back in NZ,in Wellington. Where I’ve been invited for a beer by the Lovemarks production team. There are a few friends who’d like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!

2 thoughts on “Next stop: Melbourne

  1. Shannon

    Yeah, love to see how that one will go…!


    Enjoy your stay in Melbourne Johnnie… Pity the weather will be ordinary (about 19C each day).

    I would have really liked to catch up with you, but I have a weekend full of commitments; family stuff and the like.

    I am sure you and Tony will have some great conversations, and indeed right the world’s wrong’s!

    Enjoy your stay!



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