Nice boilerplate

I just had an email from Gary Hirsch at On Your Feet following up on my post below. I liked his boilerplate:

Spelling and Grammar Notice. This e-mail, and any attachments, contains information that is, or may be, partly composed of words spelled incorrectly. While this is not by intent (often the senders brain works faster then his hands), the recipient is granted full permission to use these newly constructed words in future correspondence with anyone they see fit.

If you are not the intended recipient, please be advised that legally this doesnt really matter you can use these newly constructed words even if you were not suppose to receive this e-mail (since this probably was sent to you because the sender mistyped the e-mail address).

Note that retaining, using, copying, distributing, or otherwise disclosing this information in any manner or in using any of these so-called typos is completely allowed and encouraged. Thank you in advance for your coooperation.

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