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  1. Olle Jonsson

    I signed up for Ning, as a developer, and the staff there just charmed me, by sending me a welcome letter.

    I answered, and in 2 hours, I had a personal letter to me, from one of the guys that run Ning. They know how to make me passionate about their stuff. For sure.

    It’s just that… it’s PHP. And I do that for a living. If it were Lisp, Smalltalk, Scala, Rebol, or something crazy and exotic… then we’d be licking their Ning-stuff in all our spare time. But, loads of folks can get mileage out of Ning fast. I’d like to finish an app there. I begun, but I got a little stumped at How Do I Begin? and then I got busy and life went on.

    But I dig them. All power to Ning.


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