Norfolk cuts out the middleman

It’s been too long since I rolled out the disintermediation dalek but I’m thinking I could make it an award.

If I did this month’s nominee could be South Norfolk Council, for recruiting its next Chief Executive via this ad on YouTube – claiming to have saved £50,000 by cutting out the usual middlemen.

Actually, the video is kinda cheesy but I like that. These days the high-production values and polish of the “professionals” actual reduces credibility – whereas this more homely effort is more engaging. Pity they’ve disabled embedding though.

Hat tip: Dominic Campbell for tweeting this


2 thoughts on “Norfolk cuts out the middleman

  1. Mike Wagner

    This approach makes good sense to me especially as I think of some of the lessons for Lynda Gratton’s book “Democratic Enterprise.”

    So much time and energy is put into finding people for positions where they are designated “a right fit”. Gratton points out that a couple of simple traits are more important than the “right experience” and the “right” score on a personality profile.

    Simply put, a history of rising to new challenges and a learners mindset is what we ought to look for the most.

    That said, I wonder if they’d consider a CV from “a cousin” this side of the Atlantic? Grin.

    Keep creating…unpredictable delight,



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