Normal service…?

Touch wood I am now back to normal on the computing front. I’m now operating on a spanking new PC, and I also treated myself to a tablet PC for travel and fallback (largely on Tony Goodson’s enthusiastic reviews)

So far, Windows XP seems a whole lot more robust than ME which I was running before. And the upgrade in techology is certainly speeding up programs like Sharpreader and Fireworks

As for the old machine, I concluded in the end that is was a hard drive failure due to excessive use rather than a virus. Fortunately, I got all my crucial data off it except one Digital Certificate, so things could be worse.

As for buying an Apple… well, maybe next time!

5 thoughts on “Normal service…?

  1. Neville Hobson

    I stumbled upon your blog yesterday. Nice work, both content and appearance!

    Re your trials and tribulations with Windows, I think you’ve probably solved just about any issue you were having simply by ditching Windows ME (hard drive failure aside!). That operating system was one that even Microsoft can’t say much good about.

    For much of this year, I’ve been beta testing the forthcoming service pack (SP2) for Windows XP. I’m not a techie so my focus is on usability and how the PC behaves (= do all my other programs run ok?). I write periodic comments on my testing experiences on my blog (latest comment –

    May help your feelings of “yes, I am right to stick with Windows”!

  2. Martin Roell

    Another Tablet-Blogger. 🙂 Just our of curiousity: Which model did you get?

    Martin (blogging on an Acer Tablet)


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