Not getting it

James Cherkoff points to a webinar (hate that word) on blogging.

Sometimes you come across corporate communication that makes parody redundant. I think this offering from Delahaye (a division of the surreal sounding Bacon’s Information Inc) just about fits that bill. It’s a webinar entitled:

“Surviving Blogs: Monitoring and Analyzing Blogs to Protect and Direct Public Relations Strategy.”

So blogs are a disease…that requires survival strategies. The website also includes this gem:

‘With measurable feedback many public relations professionals have learned to accept and embrace participatory journalism as a powerful and credible communication tool.’

Is it me or does that actually mean nothing at all ? The site then goes onto explain that the webinar will allow attendants to…

‘Manage the discussion in ways that raise awareness and ultimately change consumer behaviour through monitoring online news groups.’

I dunno but I wonder how many of the millions of bloggers out there already needed a seminar to get started?


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