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I took this picture on Thursday here in Islington. A few hours earlier Graeme Souness had been sacked as manager of Newcastle United.

London’s Evening Standard has long reported news in the style shown here, a teaser. It has always irritated me, so blatantly designed to make me buy the paper to uncover the mystery of who it is. (Similar examples go “Test Cricket Result” or “Shock Court Verdict”.) These days, as well as being irritating, it strikes me as plain stupid. Has the Standard failed to notice how hooked up and connected we are these days? Do they seriously think they can succeed by positioning their newspaper as the way to get the latest news on anything? Surely they should give up this silly teasing and try to offer me something more substantial.

3 thoughts on “Not getting it

  1. Jack Yan

    How very true. If I saw that teaser, I’d go home and look for the article online. Yet it seems to remain standard procedure for newspapers. I would be more impressed if the vendor actually conversed with me about the day’s news when I approached him, or found out that the newspaper has an online edition or blog in which I could interact with its editors.

  2. Dick Richards

    Ah Johnnie. It’s a good thing for you that you don’t live in the US. You would feel that irritaion far far more often. Newpapers, television…all the news sources “tease.” And they tease about your fears. “On the ten o’clock news tonight see how roof rats may be about to overtake the city!”

  3. Sven

    Get over it. It’s tabloid. It’s 8 words or less. Flag substantial. Sure it’s hokum but harmless hokum that has something called a … tradition. What’s more it’s hokum about hokum. Least said, Souness mended, I say.


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