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  1. icaremycountry

    I can’t quite understand you guys about this case. no need to come to my country if you don’t want to. Wrong people You people are blaming wrong people. You shoudnt be directing your anger to Indonesians. in my mind you’all so SNOB..

  2. Johnnie Moore

    I don’t see why anyone would want to visit Bali after reading this. To say the very least

    P.S reading your comment makes me yucks…no need to come my country ,mr.


    Icare: Thanks for your comments, I went and read your blog after reading them and I can see you are understandably offended by some of what has been said. I also realise that this incident takes place in a very complex context – I especially see that the colonial history of Indonesia leaves many there feeling angry about criticism that seems self-righteous.

    You make some powerful points and I wish I had been less sweeping in my off-the-cuff posting.

    I would hope that Indonesians will feel compassion to the individual woman, Schapelle Corby, caught up in this. She is not responsible for the injustices of the past.

    It seems very likely to me that she is innocent and I am concerned that she is being treated as if she is guilty.

    Thanks for challenging what I wrote.

  3. Nikki

    In this case the “Australian Government needs to do more”.

    Can you imagine if this was a Polititions daughter.

    This woman is innocent, no logic behind taking marijuana into Indonesia worth 1/8 of what it is worth in Australia.

    An innocent Australian life destroyed.

    No holiday in bali for many ozzies.

    Lets just hope the 3 judges involved can take this case on its merits and therefore release this poor woman. (No real evidence that Schapelle Corby is guilty).

    In the australian legal system she would have been released and sought damages/claims, against the airline carrier.


    It doesn’t make any sense! The prosecution have asked to ignore valuable evidence? Have they investigated why she regularly visits family in Bali? She has no drug convictions or evidence of habits, and it is plainly obvious that seeing her suffer disgusting conditions in a Bali prison just shows she is a lady of class and not a dirty drug trafficker/dealer. I hear drugs are much cheaper in Bali … why smuggle it there?

    This country is supporting her, just like we supported Indonesia in the Tsunami disaster and in investigating the loss of life in the Bali bombing. As a Travel Agent, I pushed Bali holiday packages to support their tourist industry after the bombing by that evil Bali cleric – but no longer will I even suggest Bali, I’ll most likely advise people not to go. How can I ensure my clients that Ms Corby’s horrible situation won’t happen to my travellers.

    There are so many mysteries in her case and even with this reasonable doubt she should be freed.

    Bring home this girl, she is a productive member of my community!


    Shapelle Corby is innocent we all know that. They want to put her in jail for life but that muslim cleric who was involved in the bali bombings who has ties to Osama Bin Laden only gets 3 years for killing hundreds of people? I mean really where is the logic? I mean if she is convicted and not bought home i guarantee no one from australia is going to want to go there. And after we gave over $1 billion in donations for the Tsumani to their country they dont even have a proper judicial system what is the world coming to. Shapelle you are in the hearts & thoughts of many people around the world. We are all praying for you and I hope you are allowed to come home asap. God bless Shapelle.

  4. Flora














    Over the long weekend I had a bench set-up collecting signatures for a petition to free schapelle. It was amazing the number of young people who holiday in Bali. They came up to me and told me that cannabis is rife in Bali and it can be bought from the Indonesian drug dealers for a dollar a bag. So what does that say?

    Terry Winship mobile 0421162177


    Schapelle is innocent lady and victim of wrong-doing by a certain person. Since Sydney airport is undersurveillance camera, with tight security and so on why don’t we ask the Manager of the airport, customs officer that’s the only way we can prove that Schapelle know nothing about the drugs inplanted inside her bag. We all know what’s going on in Indonesia, muslim country, their law is different from our law in Australia. Drugs here is very linient, how can we solve this drug problems? It is worst than having a Cancer sickness. Don’t worry Schapelle I’ll pray for you to get a fair judgement. Relax and regards. Flora

  5. Steve

    Never again shall I offer one red cent in aid to Indonesia, nor shall I ever set foot on its fetid soil.

    The hypocrisy and corruption of those ‘in charge’ over there and their underlings is truly beyond comprehension. After the millions of dollars in aid, not to mention the lives of our service people lost to their cause, that they can turn around and treat one of our people in such a manner on a presumption beggars belief.

    Schapelle is innocent. Bring her home and let’s leave these people to their paradise of squalor.

  6. Johnnie Moore

    I would make a strong presumption of innocence in the case of Schapelle and her incarceration is disturbing.

    I don’t however support sweeping condemnations of a nation and – by implication – its people. There are few governments in the world that are untainted by allegations of dishonesty and corruption. Inflammatory descriptions of Indonesia (eg “its fetid soil”) probably don’t help Schapelle’s cause, as Alan Singer points out here. I prefer to leave comments unedited and uncensored but I ask commenters to consider their tone on this subject.

  7. sandra

    I have been to Bali once, and would never go back. The beach at Sunar was like the pits like Kuta, well I didnt think much of that either. I dont know why people are so fascinated with the place, when you get out into the villages its like filth. I would much rather vacation in Australia, at least you know you can get a fair trial if anything goes wrong. I think Schapelle is innocent I hope she gets out. Every Aussie should be outraged with this incident and should definately boycott any travel to Bali in the future. This is scary stuff and the australian government needs to crack down on ppl dealing in drugs at the airport. I think John Howard should definately intervene in this, he is a gutless wonder and if he thinks that indonesian government will give her a fair trial, he should get his head out of his ass for once. well anyway, i hope she gets out. Already almost 1 year of her life has been wasted in that stench hole of a place.

  8. Jennifer

    I am due to go to Indonesia next year with the biggest group of Australians (850)that travel outside the country as a group. If they convict Shapelle Corby there is no way in hell i will ever set foot on Indonesian soil ever again. I will do all in my power to try and get the conference I attend to relocate to another country, why bother going to a place that treats us Australians like common criminals. I’ve had it with Indonesia, they seem to take and take the aid we offer and then turn around and do something like they have done to an obviously innocent person.

  9. Kath

    I have just been watching the Prime news here in New Zealand and cannot believe that Schappelle has been found guilty. I urge any New Zealander and Australian traveller to totally boycott Indonesia, we need not give them any more of our money, we cannot trust them to be honest and fair. Was it that they had doubt in their mind when handing down their sentence by giving her only 20 years and not a death penalty. If there was doubt in their mind, they have acted out of pure disregard for the criminal system and they themselves need to be punished. I am disgusted.

  10. travis

    f#%k i can’t believe some old fart and his gay offsider are telling us those who employ them we can not intervien in a f$%ked up legal system. i am putting out the call for a national vote to be held on a greater scale than the tsunami collection as to whether we intervien and act accordingly. let those in power know they will be stripped of there rights if they follow there cause of no action i can not accept an innocent australian being attacked so shamelessly and the country doing nothing. to those that appose involvement ‘sleep well’ you have nothing to fear your lives are already lost

  11. ithakiman

    the indonesians can kiss aussie butts when we all stop going there for holidays

    there are alternatives like fiji jut next door lets support the fijians and boost our neighbours economy not the economy of a nation of lazy ass asians

  12. Jack Yan

    Ithakiman, I know you are not happy but you might want to moderate your last sentence. I’m sure that an Indonesian judging panel is not representative of 3.6 billion Asians, many of whom would have been allies of Miss Corby. Indeed, there would be Indonesians who sympathize with Miss Corby’s situation.
       However, I do not deny that this judgement will have a severely adverse effect on Indonesia. While this was going on, the United States closed its embassy and consulates in Indonesia, citing terror threats. So with fewer Americans, Australians and New Zealanders (who were as glued to the event, and I do not just mean Derryn Hinch), Indonesia’s economy will be in trouble.

       However, longer-term, the Corby affair could well have kicked off some dangerous trends. In its desperation at missing foreign exchange, what if Indonesia becomes a major terror state? It could arm, and be ready to invade neighbouring nations within 10 years.

       I don’t want to sound alarmist but I wonder if there are repercussions beyond her sentence. I also hope that Australia does something for one of its nationals. She needs to be brought home and detained in Australia, immediately. And from my layman’s perspective, the tsunami aid promised to Indonesia can be used as a bargaining tool.

  13. AJ

    Mr. Winship,

    I hate to rain your parade, but the the Bali Nine were smuggling herion INTO Indonesia, not out of Indonesia as you claim.

    While I emphatically agree that that Ms. Corby has suffered a terrible injustice and that the legal system in Indonesia is rife with corruption and hypocracy, you really should do your homework.

    On that note, you may be surprised to know that there is significant market for Australian cannibus in Indonesia, which is driven primarily by westerners who want the high quality stuff. Thus, while I do not believe that Ms. Corby is guilty, it would be plausible and lucrative to bring cannabis into Indonesia.

    AJ from Colorado, USA

  14. Steve

    They gave our girl 20 years and handed their tourism industry a death sentence at the same time.

    What was that about a monkey in a dress being a monkey no less?

  15. Jacqui

    I can’t believe how racist everyone is being towards Indonesia. How do you know she is innocent? She was found with the drugs. There was more than one person who testified that she admitted the drugs were hers. She has not produced one piece of hard evidence to rebut what is pretty heavy prosecution evidence. The baggage handler claims from the guy in prison would not be counted even in Australia, as it is only circumstantial. He overheard a conversation – what proof is that? The sad fact is that Indonesian officials had enough evidence to prove guilt and convict. If an Indonesian was in possession of drugs coming into Australia, admitting they were their’s, but later denied it and got someone from an Indonesian prison to say that he overheard a conversation… what do you think our response would be?

  16. Vivienne

    To AJ from Colorado

    Please get your facts right the Bali Nine were alledgely smuggling heroin from Indonesia to Australia, the police over here were criticized for giving information to the Indonesian authorities instead of waiting for the to return to Australia before arresting them!!!

    Whilst it might be considered lucrative to smuggle cannabis into Indonesia, I do not think that it would be as lucrative as it would be in Australia

  17. Jack Yan

    How I agree, Jacqui. This has brought out a lot of ‘Johnny Foreigner’ comments against Indonesia, which were totally unwarranted.

  18. AmericanAmy

    What a stupid conviction. I hate the Indonesian officials for this. I have given to the tsunami aid, but judging from the way the government officals behave, I wouldn’t put it past them to pocket the money and not give it to the victims. No wonder there didn’t seem to be any relief, despite the millions of dollars that were sent.

    I hate Indonesians anyway and hope they get another tsunami. At any rate, I won’t buy

    those crappy clothes that say “made in Indonesia”

    I will buy and yes you can find clothes that say “Made in USA”. I live there so I will

    support workers there.

  19. HelpShapelle

    Bush should put sanctions on Indonesia. No tsuami aid.. No trade…until they let that girl go.

  20. Jim

    I live in the United States, just got up to date today as the 20 year sentence was handed down. I am a 42 year old man and do not cry that easy, I have to tell you that watching Miss Corby’s breakdown on the news really tore me up…. I do not think she is guilty… I want to help her

    Can we try and find out where to send money for her defence, medical care, and perhaps even send her supplies in prison? And if we send her care packages will she get them?

  21. Johnnie Moore

    As I’ve already said, I think Shapelle Corby is being harshly treated.

    I am also dismayed at the level of racist abuse in some of the comments being made here.

    I believe in free speech but I would like those who indulge in the crudest racial stereotyping to vent their prejudices somewhere else.

    I deeply dislike censoring comments but I have deleted some comments that I feel are most extreme in their language and I will do so again in future. I am still allowing commenters a wide birth to express their feelings but I am drawing the line somewhere.

    I support protest at the injustice in this case but I would like this debate to avoid sweeping generalisations about nations and their people – both Australian and Indonesian.

  22. Graham Reaper

    Letter submitted to Crikey.com this morning by Michael Jensen, and I quote.. “Reasons to boycott Indonesia

    The Schapelle Corby incident points up a fact that has been overlooked by all of the commentators. That fact is that any Australian citizen who travels to Indonesia is running the very real risk of having their life snatched away by the actions of others. People who are contemplating visiting Indonesia should very seriously consider if the risks associated with being unwittingly caught up in the criminal actions of others is worth a visit to a country that has such a backward, farcical legal system such as we have seen displayed on television in the Corby case. More like a circus than a court of law, with an obvious disregard for the principals of justice, judges with alarmingly little training that would not qualify them as court clerks in this country. No thinking Australian can ignore the fact that an innocent can be caught up in extremely traumatic circumstances that may even mean loss of life in the most barbaric circumstances in this obviously backward country. And yes it could happen to you, it happened to Schapelle Corby! Another point that seems to be overlooked is that the Indonesian Government, whether they like to admit it or not, has turned itself into a terrorist organisation that threatens the lives of innocent travellers to their country. Be very aware that in these primitive societies the actions of others can cost you your life. Indonesia by it

  23. Jean Marais

    I am disturbed at the pictures (TV) coming out of the Indonesian Court room, with local Indonesians, clapping and cheering the Schapelle Corby verdict. Made me feel sick to my stomach.

    Talk about biting off the hand that feeds you!! Australians won’t stand for that, and nor should they. Remember Indonesia is quick to tell us what we should be doing without hesitation*, so why all the political correctness from our Govt??

    On many web pages visited, the Aust Govt are being seen by many around the world as gutless, for not looking out for the interests of one of their own. This has been echoed by many, many people in many countries around the world via the web.

    One the other hand many people have viewed Indonesia in a very different light, that is,the Govt, their so called legal system, the lot, are all based on a culture rife with bribery and corruption. How can anyone get a fair and just hearing with such a corrupt system as the one that is in place in Indonesia. The mind boggles..

    Australians and others, please boycot Indonesia and all things Indonesian,write, email to the Indonesian Consulates and Embassy expressing your disgust. Phone talk back radio and swamp the airways with your views. Indonesia must be made aware of what the world thinks.

    How else will we bring about change!!



    * (NT News Paper (Aust) – about 3 weeks ago)

    Indonesia tells Australia, we should better house their nationals, illegal fishermen that is, who have been caught in Australian waters illegally fishing, that we should be offering them more assistance, better housing facilities, more, more, blah, blah, blah!!.


    Natalie: You are disturbed by some indonesians who applauded the verdict.

    I am disturbed by Schapelle’s plight but I am now becoming more concerned at what seem increasingly vitriolic attacks like yours, calling for a boycott of “all things Indonesian”. And by the sanctimoniousness with which you portray the country as mere recipients of alms from Australia. As if the country is a mere charity case, and ignoring a history that many would describe as one of colonial exploitation followed by the cyncial support of tyrannical regimes.

    If you believe the country’s legal system and government are corrupt, don’t you consider that perhaps many millions of Indonesians are suffering as a result? And don’t you think it likely that these millions will be the ones to suffer most if they are blanket boycotted?

    I am angry that you and others see fit to use this case as an excuse to dump vitriol on an entire society in the name of justice. I believe it undermines the cause – which I support – of getting fair treatment for Miss Corby.


    Precisely, Johnnie. We can only help people or change things by interfacing with them, and I am afraid that the long-term solution to a corrupt system is interaction. It’s why I posted the dangers of boycotts earlier: what if economic disaster led to Indonesia arming, or waging war? Then we all suffer.
       I personally believe Schapelle Corby is innocent, but it is mostly gut instinct and second-hand knowledge (from others who have been there) about how things “work” in Indonesia. I get the impression that drug-smuggling is a strict liability crime, which means that one can be found guilty of the act despite an absence of mens rea, or intent. Yes, this is abhorrent when one is a victim.
       Despite the cheers that came from some locals, opinion is divided, so grouping all Indonesians into the same category as three judges

  24. Jean Marais

    Natalie, who’s the world? Australian? We are French surely not part of your “New Imperialist” way of thinking! Your way in looking them down is irritating me so much. Do you really like to be looked down by other race or nation that has older and grand civilization than yours? I don’t think so!

    Jean Marais

    (believer of Libert

  25. Jim


    I have done some research on the internet, from what I have read my idea seems very possible.

    I read that in most of these prisons you can pay like $100 and get a day pass out of prsion, of course you will have one or two gaurds come along with you. But what a brilliant plan, she should do this over a period of months until they start trusting her…. then have a planned escape out of the country… What will those two gaurds do when faced with 6-10 bad ass Aussie trained mercenaries? I guess they should not kill the gaurds unless they have to. But wisk her right out of the country…thumb our noses at that third world corrupt justice system… Bring her home with NO PRISON TIME

    All I know is that if that was my child I would raise millions of dollars and wipe out that entire village if thats what I needed to do to save my daughter.

    I also read that Bali would want her to serve at least 8 years in their prison before any prisoner exchange could take place….and then expect her to spend another 12 years in an Australian prison…. what a load of crap!

  26. Jack Yan

    Jean, vous avez raison d’ecrire votre messagerie. It is good to hear from someone living right there in Bali, and to know that the support for Miss Corby’s sentence is certainly not unanimous. A ban is unwise for the reasons that you and I both outline, though I am certain that some will take this action.
       Jim, yours is a fine idea and I had thought of it, too. Though if it were actioned it would have to be done without the official knowledge of the Australian government.
       But call me a pacifist: I quite like the idea I heard at the office today. Natalie mentions Indonesians held by Australia (in a system that is so bad they won’t let UN inspectors check it out—at least Indonesia has let people visit Schapelle Corby). A prisoner exchange could be a simple, non-violent, mutually beneficial way to solve this.

  27. leah

    I was reading the Jakarta Post yesterday and for the first time became aware of just how much of an unjustice has been done to Schapelle.I believe in her innocence 100%. The Australian goverment would have us believe that a 20year sentence was a good thing, better than life and defenatly better than the death penalty, perhaps they will be able to explain to me then why a Mexican woman found with over 15kg in 2002 only recieved a sentence of seven and a half years and will be out sooner for good behaviour. The Jakarta Post even recognises what a stiff sentence Schapelle copped.This stinks of corruption. I will boycott and will never return to Bali. Our goverment sucks and should have more respect for the people that put them in power and who pay their wages. Oh yes and the little pay rise they have given themselves, very convenient to slip that through why the eyes of Australians were on Schapelle.

    My thoughts and prayers will remain with Schapelle and her family until we bring her home.


  28. Suzie

    I think that there is a key element that is missing from the whole boycotting Bali thing. I dont think it should be so much a case of WE ARE ANGRY so we wont go there. I have no plans to visit Bali as it scares me. I dont smuggle drugs, but fear that if something does get put into my bag that i could be sentenced to the firing squad. It is also my belief that it is not just drugs that they sentence death for. It is a wide range of crimes. Why would i put myself and why would you put yourself into a situation where you could potentially be completely innocent and yet be found guilty and killed.

    But another thing to come out of this is everyone is blaming bali, indonesia and the australia government but thats not going to solve the problem. Lets assume that the drugs were planted in her bag. What is Australia doing about security on airlines. What are they doing about the high amount of drugs that is floating around. Things have been done but australia has a tendency to forget when the hype has calmed down. Give it a year or so and there will be another delmia that requires attention. and this will be swept under the rug.

    I urge people to think with their heads and not their emotions. Yes its terrible and I agree with not going there (for the reason stated above) but dont punish people because you dont agree with them. Thats arrogant. People were cheering because they belived that she was guilty and they probably found it to be a good thing that they were punishing drug smuggling. As for the people who the tsnuami aid is going to, i think that they DONT CARE ABOUT SCHAPPELLE. Not because they are heartless but dont you think they have other things on their minds, like REBUILDING THEIR VILLAGES???

    Come on people



  29. Mike

    the judicial system in bali is like the southbound part of a northbound horse. They call that justice? And, then they wonder why the rest of the world looks at them like the cretans that they are.

  30. Cate

    I have never in my life been so ashamed of being australian.

    This page of posts communicates nothing more than a nation of arrogance towards the rest of the world.

    I cannot believe there are people here who dare speak on behalf on our entire country with such emotionally driven ignorance.

    and as a post script, no i do not, just like EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON, know whether she is guilty or innocent. The only person that does is S.C herself and the party responsible for this crime, whether or not she is included in that group.

  31. Jean Marais


    their judicial system is similar with what we use here in European continent. They absolutely have it from the Dutch derived from French civil law under Napoleon.

  32. Jack Yan

    That’s true, Jean. While not debating that and getting into a discussion on legal systems, it is correct that the Indonesian system’s roots are no older or newer than the common law system of Australia.
       I still believe in a burden on the prosecution to prove guilt, which France and the Netherlands do have within their civil law systems, but I must say some of these anti-Indonesian comments are disturbing. To the xenophobes, I say: if you own a pair of Nikes made by an Indonesian sweatshop, then hush. You’re not coming to this dialogue with a clear conscience.

  33. Jack Yan

    I have to make a quick mention to everyone from Mr Reaper to Cate for being voices of reason on this page. And Suzie raises some very valid questions: what is Australia doing about drugs internally? If these drugs originated there, as the defence claims, then there is a major problem with corruption and smuggling internally. Solve that crime, and we might find who is actually guilty if Miss Corby is not.
       Of course, for some it is easy to criticize another nation than taking a long, hard look at themselves.

  34. reni


    I’m reni, from jakarta. I’m also feel sorry for the tragedy that Corby get. I’m sure she is not guilty, since I read her statement in the trial. I feel very very sympathy for her. It is not related to politics, or country, but it is related to human rights. I support to free Corby from the jail.

  35. GODblessOZ

    That AJ guy from colorado is a fuckin wanker. Everyone knows that the Bali nine were trafficking out of bali into Australia. DICKHEAD. They were arrested on Sydney bound qantas flights. Those fuckers are gone they are guilty and i am positive that that fat chick is the ringleader. Man ive seen people like her in pubs who bignote themselves about shit like this. Shes a wannabe. You can pick it a mile away. She would have thought she was a big timer in Australia.I would also like to state that i feel so patriotic at the moment. Its good to see that Australians still stand up for each other.

  36. GODblessOZ

    One more thing. Even though i believe in Schappelle Corby’s Innocence we are making fools of ourselves in the world. Yeah they are corrupt ,whatever!!!. Did you know that there is an Australian man in Singapore jail awaiting execution in the ocming months? no? or the fact that there is a 16 year old Australian in a Cambodian prison for drugs? surely a 16 year old deserves some attention on par with Corby. Shes innocent no doubt and 20 years is disgusting but dont make fools of yourselves. She still has the chance of a presidential pardon unless this racist rhetoric continues. WAKE UP!!!!

  37. GODBlessOZ

    No i just dont like people who dont know what they are talking about. Or try to make out they know more than they do. I dont suffer fools easily. FREE SCHAPPELLE.

  38. AJ from Colorado

    Woops, pardon the oversight. I double checked the article that I read and it did, incorrectly, state that the Bali Nine were headed into Indonesia. I should have checked a few more news stories; how embarrassing. My apologies.

  39. rahma

    to GodblessOZ

    No i just dont like people who dont know what they are talking about. Or try to make out they know more than they do. I dont suffer fools easily. FREE SCHAPPELLE.

    What Do You Mean ??

    You mean ‘I don’t know What I’m Talking About ???

    I Totally know what I ‘m talking about for this comment..

    I read this case in two languages

    i got my conclusion from two perspective…

    you just read this case in english and

    from your own media assumption..

    everything is true from your own media.

    indonesia is suck from your media point of view.

    I put my comment in this blog

    because i was so Fed Up with you guys

    who have irrational reaction

    You banned my country to the world sound


    it’s normal reaction from an indonesian like me

    and now, because your racism reaction

    Indonesian have lost feeling to you guys

    You did first

    to make my country like a shit.

    I deserve to be angry

    and all indonesian blame to aussy

    because of your blatant racism to us

    I dont understand

    I m so sympathy for this girl if

    she’s a victim

    but your reaction like a telenovela…

    full of emotion

    spread your hatred to people like me

    indonesian not like what’s on your petition

    to me your petition it’s useless action and not shows you are such as intelligent people…

    Bush should put sanctions on Indonesia. No tsuami aid.. No trade…until they let that girl go.
    yes please , i think it’s better.. you think if you give us your money….and we must obey all of your rule..
    huh..who do you think you are?
    Johnny Moore,Thanks for your space and paste my comment here
    reading most of these comments make me HHHKKKKKkkk……..
    yes, a lot racism people in this world who feel holier and better than others….
    P.P.S if i had much free time I think i need to reply your outrageous comments…I dont have much time now to read these suck comments…but i just got idea,you guys..yes no doubt..so arrogant…
    thanks a lot..

  40. Suzie

    Its sad that you have it all wrong.

    We are not a country of overwhelming racism.

    in fact we are one of the most generous countries.

    We feel genuinly for those who are in need. Hence

    the various appeals for things like the tsnaumi

    disaster and the like. However we are a very

    passionate country as well. and sometimes its in the wrong way. there is no denying that. Boycotting Bali and threating to take away aid is only said out of anger. It wont happen. You want everyone to see your point of view. Well now I am going to try and explain australias. In our country our laws are very different. We dont believe in corporal punishment. We dont kill criminals. We aim for rehab or for incarseration for drug related offences. However we look at all the evidence and there needs to be proof beyond a REASONABLE doubt that the crime was committed. We take into account Mittagating circumstances.This means stuff like airport security and the fact that she doesn’t take drugs has a supportive family and hasn’t been in trouble before. This is all taken into account. So if she had of been tried here she probably would have gotten off or had a reduce (less than 5-10 years) sentence and serve councelling and rehab. Its a knee jerk reaction for most people to assume all laws should be like ours thats why many can’t understand why the possibility of death even came up. Its hard to understand that she might be completely innocent and there is virtually no way to prove that. And in indonesias laws you dont have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. All you have to prove is pretty much she was in possesion of the drugs. it seems to many like Corby was just a sacrifice for people to take your antidrug laws seriously. Well it has backfired because people are becoming to scared to come because it seems impossible to prove innocence.

    Please dont get me wrong. If i travel to another country i understand that i have to respect their laws and so one. but please look at it from australias point of view before you start to condem and judge australians. Your as bad as the people that you are judging. Also its not Australia as a nation who is upset with this verdict there are MANY INDIVIDUAL people. but dont generalise us all into one catergorie if your going to whinge that we are generalising you.


    Australian & Proud

  41. rahma

    yes..I hope…It’s wrong



    people who give comments above have shown..what’s ozzies like..


  42. Suzie

    So the actions/words of a few outraged people are enought to condem a country who, where you think you need it or not has helped out not only your country but many others.

    nice to see years of kindness and consideration has paid off. I hope your sitting high on your pedastol and i hope that you feel you have earn the right to play judge an jury to thousands of people

  43. rahma

    So the actions/words of a few terorist people are enought to condem a country who, and judge us as barbaric, corrupt, stupid monkey…

    where you think you need it or not has helped out not only your country but many others

    who needz to get help from its neighbour but when they hate us (our system)…they do action like this :asking back money you gave for tsunami victims …


    when i give my money to a beggar…my mom said to me..

    its better if you give a beggar one dollar but with your sincerity a whole than you give one million but you always talked abt it all the time…it named no sincerity in your generousity..


  44. Suzie

    Once again you are generalising.

    Many people selflessly gave hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid to people who need it. Exactly who is asking for the money back. Is it the country? has the government made demands that if they dont free Shapelle we want our money back? NO! its a handful of individuals. What i think of you legal system is irrelevant. My point was most Australians dont understand it because they are so used to our system which is varsly different.

    My point about the money is not to show that you need us or that we are going to hold it over you for the rest of your life… it goes to show that we help people when they need it.. and at the moment many australians feel that shapelle needs help. I am saying that it is in our nature to become defensive about one of our own. take the hostage in Iraq for an example. This man is an Australian, but has lived in america and iraq for many years. but we still feel as though he needs our help and there has been many outcrys to help him.

    I feel that you are taking my opinion as a criticism. which it is not supposed to be. i apprecaite your point of view but i dont not understand as to why you are intent on painting australia as an evil villian who only helps for the wrong reasons.

    Im not saying that your system is barbaric. I am saying that i dont find value in corporal punishment, because I FEEL (please dont take my opinions out on Australians) that corporal punishing people is as bad if not worse than the people who committed the offence. If its an eye for an eye everyone would be dead. i dont think your system is corrupt and i dont feel the need to comment on that because i dont understand your system fully. Im say it doesn’t make sense TO ME and many fellow australians. but on the same note does our system make sense to you?

  45. Johnnie Moore

    Suzie and Rahma: My sense is that you both agree about some things and that some of that agreement is getting lost in the translation.

    I think that in the debate as a whole, there is a lot of generalising, often in response to other generalisations. I think there are some people in both countries who have taken this debate to unfortunate extremes and resorted to name-calling of various kinds. And there are others who disavow that and feel hurt at being tarred with the same brush.

    As a Brit, I’m aware of my own country’s very mixed reputation in the world, based on (I feel) our own very mixed bag of behaviours and history. It’s nice to talk about what British people are like in shortand, but it can never really deal with the variety.

    Generalised defences of a nation can be as provocative in a way as generalised attacks on another.

    What I see you both working towards here is some common ground. A desire for fairness and respect in the way your own country is talked about. Some hurt and anger when you feel that the actions of some of your fellow citizens are seen as typical.

    I really appreciate the direction you are taking this conversation, and I feel relieved that we may be starting to move beyond stereotypes towards a desire for more understanding.

  46. jenny




  47. Jack Yan

    Johnnie, thank you for putting some sense into the debate. I, too, find Suzie and Rahma actually have a lot of common ground, and indeed, a lot of the negative comments were directed at other people (on both sides) who were ignorant in theirs.

    I was quite happy to hear a young lady temping at my bank planning to leave for Bali on vacation in 10 days’ time. While most New Zealanders probably think Schapelle Corby is innocent (I am one of them), those who travel there must realize that banning Bali could have terrible consequences, in particular for all those Indonesians who disagree with the case (including the legislator who drafted the law under which Miss Corby was punished).

  48. Jack Yan

    I don’t have ill feeling toward australian before, but now I am fed up with the whole anti-indonesia/indonesian that pass around on the net triggered by some closed minded australians.

    To those aussie who want to boycott bali, please do so. We don’t need your kind!!

    Bali is not just for australian tourist. People over there prefer tourist from Japan, China, Korea or European since they spend more of their money than just backpacking or sunbathing. LOL:)

    So go ahead with you own stupidity.

    Oh…yes you can ask for the tsunami aid back too, because donation which is given so insincerely and so many strings attached is a bad karma.


    If anything, the comments show that the hatred espoused by the few have negative consequences

  49. Eva

    I agree with natalie. We should boycott Indonesia ans all things Indonesian. Schapelle, innocent or guilty did not deserve 20 years rotting away in some Indonesian prison. The jury was corrupt, having had 49 guilty verdicts before Schapelle, didnt want to spoil their “perfect” record of guilty verdicts. And the “guilty until proven innocent” concept is totally ridiculous! And as for the wimpy Australian government, they are a disgrace!!!! They should be ashamed of how little they did to help her! The Indonesian government are quick to put us in our place, but the Australian government are just apologies and “we’ve done all we can”. Its bullsh*t.

  50. Jack Yan

    Oh, speaking of what the Australian government is doing, what is the update on the Australian citizen in jail in Vietnam about to face a firing squad? Perhaps the fact his name is Nguyen Van Chinh means there has not been much news about him. How we love our

  51. travis


    this has been dogging me snice the verdict. the indonesian judge gave weight to there being no difference to how she came to have the drugs just that she had them on her and there for she is guilty. well so did quantas.my question is this “why is quantas not being charged when the drugs were carried in there vehicle and handled by there staff”.i know this sounds like a stupid question but the further you think about it there security failed they are the only ones with the power to check there luggage not the passenger. it has only been a week or so since they stepped up there efforts and already they have caught a dickhead with hard drugs. send him over to pay the price.

  52. travis

    to “open your mind guys”

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    well yet again we have an expert in everything

    someone who has nothing productive to do except write a novel that will not sell.don’t know where your from don’t care.your the problem with people of today.an interfearing twerp with a keyboard.here’s a free lesson for you!. people have emotions people are free to express them, people are hurt that they feel an unjust thing has accurd.people want to help,people don’t know what to do. so they vent there anger where it is heard in hope there is someone there to hear it.don’t attempt to sound educated it did not work.you yourself wrote a heap of crap saying that you beleaved she was innocent then you changed after “reading the facts” what facts? the ones you got from the media or your friends. here’s a second free lesson you were not there the same as the pro corby “gang” so who are you to judge these out spoken people.you hve wrote this shit because you are angry. well everyone else is angry about someones life being taken away not just literature on a internet site.

    GROW UP MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. travis

    this one is for the people of indonesia

    i feel that the australian people do not want you to suffer. we simply want our girl home guilty or not. we do not want your country to house her for the best part of her life.i myself have joined a boycot and will not change until your government improves it’s system.i gave to your country in the relief with everything i could and do not want it back.my sweat was nothing to your pain. and the general impression in this counrty is the same.but we need you to understand we can not fight this cause successfully this far away. we need you to help fight your government if you feel this has been a break in justice.in turn you will be payed back a million fold in a safer world for everyone.DO YOU THINK AUSTRALIANS WANT TO STOP GOING TO A PLACE THEY LOVE OR HURT THE PEOPLE THEY MAY ONE DAY RELY ON. take a step back and think of how we feel the helplessness of passionate people and in turn the rational australians will do the same.please don’t destroy what needs to be built

  54. Jack Yan

    “open your mind guys” raises some very interesting and valid points regarding the Corby saga. Thank you for providing some balance to this ‘debate’.

    “travis”, the only anger I detected in the previous four posts emanated from your own. Oh and here’s a free lesson for you. Get some spelling and grammatical help, fool.

    You’re the moron.


    One of the few things that Travis wrote that made sense was the Qantas inquiry, though he shoots himself in the foot given that his own source could be ‘the ones you got from the media or your friends.’ However, it is a valid point in at least providing Miss Corby with a possible explanation

  55. Johnnie Moore

    “Boycott Bali campaign! Poor old David Hicks. Held in Guantanamo for nearly 4 years without a single charge being laid. Beaten, tortured, humiliated and held in far worst accommodation than Corby, he

  56. Jack Yan

    I value everyone’s right to speak here, but I’m wondering what GodBlessOz brings to the table other than criticism of others, and what marks him out to be different from ‘Armchair Lawyers, Investigative Journalists, Drug Smugglers, Cultural experts’. I agree with some of his posts

  57. Suz

    The more i learn the more my mind changes.

    Shapelle corby has boobs. AMAZING… the more i think about it the more it makes sense. Whether or not she is guilty is irelevant really. the only reason people are getting so worked up about it is because it is well publisied. and why is it broadcasted on every network and in many magazines…. shappelle corby has boobs. and she is a young white female who can cry and looks as though she’s never even stolen candy as a child. Im NOT condemming her on her looks. far from it. they are an asset to her. probably even saved her from death. what im saying is that if she had of been a bald middle aged man or a ugly lesbian… what are the chances of anyone even know about it? the bali nine were reported about incase there was a link to corby but how much pulicity is there for them NEXT to NONE. If we play comparisons with Woods.. yes he was shown a fair bit… but for completely different tactics. Its not showing him so much as it is showing the world what ‘terrorists’ are capable of.

    it annoys me that it works out that way. people who are condenming indonesias judges and stuff are really just putting their hands over their eyes and saying no fuck off i will see what i want to see. Be that way… ignorance

    as for david hicks i ask you GOD BLESS OZ… do you have your hands covering your eyes cause HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO you want to play judge jury and executioner in a case you know NOTHING ABOUT. How do you know he was a terrorist. what proof do you have.. oh me America said it was true and they captured him so i must be. to that i have four word “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”. Just because they say so DOESN;T make it true. so calm down and think about it. Dont you think its a bit suss that a country (america) who hangs on so tightly to the image of justice for everyone… that they aren’t having a trial? that they have already released some people from guatanimo bay. Bit suss! VERY!!!!

    I just guess your just a sheep who is willing to jump at the sound of “officials” voices believing everything you seen on tv and read in magazines. Do something different and look for an alternative opinion … which is what this site is for.

    Also another thing that really gets to me is the “illegal immigrants” thing. 1. NO SUCH THING. they can land whereever they want .. doesn’t make them illegal. obviously they are fleeing. It is when they get her that they are supposed to apply for visas. HOW CAN THEY DO THAT IF THEY know nothing about the process. And i swear if you say that they should come over legally i will scream because how the hell would they do that. most immigrants are fleeing political oppression. meaning that they can’t just rock up to the border and say hey i’d like to get through now. beceause they will be killed. they flee the only way that they can. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF THEM. you make it hard. i wish you could live in their sitations. tell me what would you do. THE SAME THING most likely. Stop condenming people because you dont like their actions because you have no idea what they have been through and most likely everything they do is to survive!

    pig head ignorance is avoidable.

  58. pooopppoooppooo

    Corby and the mob

    Andrew Bolt


    AND now to the verdict on the Schapelle Corby case. I find the defendant guilty of xenophobia, spite, boorishness and a self-righteous tribal hysteria.

    No, I don’t mean Corby.

    I’m referring to the weeping and bellowing mob that is demanding we do all it takes — even starve the poorest Indonesians — to free this convicted drug trafficker. “Our” Schapelle.

    What a shock to see the beast of mob rule roar like this, and in support of a woman who seems on the evidence more likely to be guilty than she’s painted.

    Yes, Corby may be as innocent as she says. But picture how she must look, and how we all now look, to an Indonesian, whether a judge or a citizen.

    Here is a surfer girl who worked as a bar hostess in Tokyo’s nightclub area, flying into Bali for reportedly the fifth time in six years.

    (Corby, a student beautician who’d scraped up cash from working at a fish-and-chip shop, told 60 Minutes she’d been to Bali “five or six times since I was 16”.)

    Customs officials screen her bags and detect something suspicious. They watch her, and later tell a court she seems nervous. Her bodyboard bag is more than twice its usual weight, bulging with an extra something the size of a stuffed pillow.

    Actually, she says later, she’d only dragged her bag, and had so much other luggage she couldn’t tell its weight was unusual, or that there was anything inside but a bodyboard and flippers. Yes, well.

    Two police and two customs officials agree on what happened next. They say Corby’s brother James carried the bag for her to the customs area, where officer I Gusti Nyoman Winata asked her to open it.

    Corby zipped open the front pocket. Now the main zip, demanded Winata.

    “The suspect (seemed) to panic,” he later testified.

    “When I opened the bag a little bit, she stopped me and said, ‘No!’

    “I asked why. She answered, ‘I have some . . .’ She looked confused.”

    ABC’s Lateline showed Winata re-enacting Corby’s lunge to stop him opening her bag. He seemed as honest as Corby does, and said he had no doubt of her guilt.

    Winata looked inside and found 4.1kg of top-quality marijuana, stowed in two airlock plastic bags, one tucked inside the other.

    What is it, he asked?

    “It’s marijuana,” the officials heard Corby reply.

    Keep thinking how this all must look to an Indonesian. Who would you believe?

    Think how it seems when the marijuana turns out to be hydroponically grown, and worth anywhere up to $80,000 in Bali, where it is prized by expatriates who are sick of the weak local weed and feel safer buying from a tourist. Big profits.

    Keep picturing. The Indonesians learn that Corby, although having no criminal record, comes from a wild and woolly family.

    One of her brothers is in jail for burglary and stealing, her mother is on to her fourth partner after having six children by three men. Her father had a minor conviction some 30 years ago for possessing marijuana.

    Sure, none of that makes her guilty, but how would all this make Corby seem to an Indonesian? Here’s a tip: Not like she came from the responsible land of the straight-and-narrow.

    I T gets worse. Corby’s defence team is soon headed by a salesman who looks like a spiv and is a former bankrupt who still owes creditors plenty.

    Her main defence witness becomes an alleged rapist flown in from a Melbourne jail to tell how he heard some crook who’d heard some other crook say Corby was unwittingly carrying drugs for crooks operating at the Brisbane and Sydney airport terminals.

    With Australians like this behind Corby, it’s a wonder the whole country wasn’t tossed into the cell with her.

    The judges are then asked to believe these unknown smugglers took the marijuana into a high-security area at Brisbane in easy-to-see-through plastic and popped it into a random bag to be flown to another high-security area in Sydney.

    Why the smugglers would do that, rather than simply drive the drugs down to Sydney by car, all safe, no one can say. That they then let their valuable drugs fly off to Bali is another mystery.

    No wonder our own Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty dismissed Corby’s theory as “flimsy”. Corby’s judges must have thought her team took them for idiots.

    Idiots? They soon learned plenty of Australians took them for far worse. And now it was not Corby on trial, and losing, but Australia.

    In one heady spasm, hundreds of thousands of Australians became certain that Corby the beautiful battler was in fact innocent.

    Suddenly she was the star of a reality-TV Perils of Pauline — complete with cartoon-like big breasts, every-woman prettiness and more tears than a soapie. It helped the plot that she was repeatedly filmed hands bound and besieged, pale in a jabbering, jostling crowd of brown foreigners.

    Damn those natives. “The judges don’t even speak English, mate, they’re straight out of the trees, if you excuse my expression,” raged 2GB Sydney fill-in host Malcolm T. Elliott.

    “Whoa, give them a banana and away they go.”

    Others screamed that the judges were lying Muslims out for revenge (in fact, the chief judge was a Christian, and the other two Hindus).

    Newspapers attacked Indonesia’s courts as corrupt and their jails as temples of “gloating sadism” where there was “little sympathy of foreigners, for which you may perhaps read Christians”. Save “our” Schapelle from the demon heathen!

    No surprise, then, that Indonesian officials here were bombarded with so many threats and insults that Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer had to plead for them to be left alone. What would we say of Indonesians if our own diplomats were monstered like this?

    Now Corby’s defenders demand we boycott struggling Bali. Actor Russell Crowe, among others, even warned Indonesia to remember we gave money for its tsunami victims — as if we only gave charity in exchange for passes out of jail.

    Sick, but the feeling has grown. The Salvation Army, out on its Red Shield appeal, had to promise not to send donations to Indonesia. Let their poor suffer for “our” Schapelle.

    Meanwhile, radio hosts insisted the Prime Minister call the Indonesian President to fix things in court for Corby, as if such interference wasn’t plainly corrupt.

    Worryingly, even senior politicians lost their heads in the hysteria, with Justice Minister Chris Ellison vowing to try bringing Corby home in a “one-off” prisoner exchange. The other 150 Australians in jail overseas should get breast implants.

    HAVE we lost our heads? Are we really such a vile rabble?

    What must Indonesians make of this hissing mob that threatens their diplomats, vilifies their country, blackmails them with aid and treats their judges as the corrupt playthings of our politicians? And all this for the sake of a convicted drug smuggler who seems quite probably guilty, and only possibly innocent.

    Even our whinges about their drug laws must seem bizarre. Guess who truly has the worst laws — Indonesia, which gave Corby 20 years’ jail for having 4.1kg of marijuana; or Victoria, which meanwhile gave a mere 12-month community service order to a teacher found with 29kg — and let her keep her teaching licence?

    So how must we seem to Indonesians? Like barbarians, or even terrorists, and it’s hard at the moment to think them very wrong.


    Join Andrew’s on-line interactive forum on http://www.heraldsun.com.au/andrewbolt


    she is as guilty as i am homo

  59. Johnnie Moore

    Thanks for posting that Herald Sun article.

    I share the author’s disgust at the racism that this case has provoked among some people, some of which has spilt over into the comments here.

    Over time, I have to come to feel that the Indonesian justice system has been charicatured.

    It’s hard not to let this kind of xenophobia affect my perceptions of the the facts of the case itself. Right now, I think the xenophobia being expressed here is more worrying to me than the fate of Miss Corby – which is a sad indictment of some of here supporters.

    I really don’t know whether Corby is innocent or guilty. I wouldn’t now write the original post that provoked these comments.

  60. Jack Yan

    I applaud you, Johnnie, for your final sentence. Even I have to take back a statement that Indonesian law presumed guilt. As I read more, I realize that we are (probably) talking a strict liability crime.
       And even after all this time, it’s true: the whole cry of Johnny Foreigner has not quietened, and it’s a very sad statement of how we have some way to go before one country’s subjects consider another country’s its own neighbours (or even cares about its own equally, to wit the Bali Nine and Nguyen Van Chinh)—or even give them the dignity as fellow human beings with their own valid viewpoints.

  61. GODBlessOZ

    Jack Yan i dont know if you know but i am against the comparison of Douglas Wood and Schappelle Corby, just thought you may have been mixed up. I think the two are totally unrelatable.

  62. GODBlessOZ

    Rahma, when was a post made by me directed at you? I must be goin mad because i have no idea what you are talking about

  63. Martin (Slovakia)

    Schapelle Corby is innocent (or guilty in particular crime). I feel so sorry for her and I hope, that she will go back to Australia free or with reduced sentence. But, if she will cannot escape from this heell, then will be better when she will die as soon as possible. Death is better than “life” in Kerobokan hell. I hope that she will soon either free or dead. A matter of course better be, than she will escape alive from hell. She is jailed in filthy jail with crueal condition. Her jail is slowly torture. So I hope, that she will do away with herself. Suicide is now best chance for her. Death is better, than “live” in cruel, filthy indos jail.

  64. Jack Yan

    ” share the author’s disgust at the racism that this case has provoked among some people, some of which has spilt over into the comments here”

    My general thought on all this crap is that it has highlighted the fact that racism hasnt gone anywhere it just lies below the surface waiting for its opportunity to erupt. It still as`prevelant today as it ever has been its just that the people against it are speaking out louder. I am not racist, personally i couldnt care less about race.

    Schappelle Corby’s case hasn’t brought any new racist views to Australia its just brought it back to the surface. It is bad and it shouldnt be displayed on your weblog.

    Racism to me is a croc of shit ,its just a word reserved to label white people, would the word exist without white people? no, because racism for others is simply (as you always hear)….long standing hatred. Does the world see Muslim Terrorists as racist extremists?,no, they label them political extremists, And when Australia gets loud about its disgust over the conviction of Corby, we are looked on as racist white devils. Indonesians, burn our flag, burn effigies of “Australians” on a regular basis but such acts are simply labelled political protests not racist extremism as i see it. The world lives on a double standard when it comes to the issue of racism, thats my opinion, i may be wrong.


    Would the word racism exist without white people, GodBlessOz? Of course it does. There are Japanese who won’t hire Koreans, there are Chinese refusing to touch Japanese cars, and that’s just two very basic examples happening in similar time zones to Australia.
       Personally, I wouldn’t label you as racist because you brought up the examples of other Australians awaiting trial or facing prison in other countries and highlight the double standards in this case.
       However, on occasion I am unsure where you’re coming from, especially since as none of us here are anything more than armchair observers with an opinion and a desire to see justice done.
       I see the main themes here as:

  65. regardless of who we are
  66. Reply
  67. Bill

    A scandal is rapidly brewing that will set Indonesia’s reputation back years if not decades, by showing that the country’s judicial system is characteristic of a Third World dictatorship as opposed to a developing democracy.

    Although the judges stressed repeatedly that Indonesian law required them to consider only the facts in the case, Endy M. Bayuni of the JAKARTA POST (a major Indonesian and not Australian newspaper) wrote, “Even in finding her guilty, there was no reason for the judges to hand down such a harsh penalty, and even less so for the prosecutors to demand a life sentence in the first place. One can only conclude from here that both the judges and the prosecutors have been influenced by what was happening outside the court.”

    In other words, Bayuni’s editorial called the judges liars and accused them of using their authority like medieval dictators to avenge a personal grievance against Australian media criticism on the one helpless Australian within their reach. It also impugns the prosecutor’s motive in seeking a life sentence.

    Noting that no country on earth has the recognized right to retaliate against another country’s citizen not for what he/she has allegedly done but for what third parties outside his/her control have done, this would (if true) make Corby a hostage or a political prisoner.

    Also, if Mr. Bayuni is out of line with his remarks, one must ask why the judges and prosecutor have not demanded a retraction.




    makes the Indonesian government (embassy) a party to Jakarta Post Desi Anwar’s threat that perceived interference with Indonesia’s justice sysem (including criticsm by Aussie media) will “jeopardize Corby’s future.” Those are the words of a hostage-taker and not of a country that lives under rule of law. “…taking the hint that Indonesian justice doesn’t appreciate being meddled with, might just go a long way in not jeopardizing Corby’s future even more.”

    Again, no country on earth has the right to take revenge on someone under color of law for actions outside that person’s control.

    It is also common knowledge that Indonesian police (and maybe even courts) are easily bribed as shown by this article



    and maybe Corby’s real crime was her failure to understand what it means when an Indonesian official rubs his fingers together.

    “The first time Kenji saw Schapelle Corby, she asked him in Japanese where he was from. Kenji, 26, who got out of Bali

  68. Jack Yan

    LINK – The ‘Corby Treatise’ by the Imam Al-Mahdi

    Terence – the Imam Al-Mahdi


    Certainly an interesting approach, drawing in a religious meaning to why this case as happened. I certainly will not say that Terence’s perspective is any less valid than anyone else’s. If anything, the more enlightening comments here show that each person has his or her own perspective on the Corby case; the most positive thing has been what we have each gotten from it to improve our lives. I know I have learned a heck of a lot.

  69. Kaz

    Give us all a break, Schapelle’s case has made some of us aware of how we may be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    But it also brings to light how corrupt certain governments are. It is such a pity that child molesters & runners of child porn never get a life sentence, when drugs (an adult choice) gets a life sentence, a child does not have a say, but it is O,K. for a male to get his rocks off with a baby & never bet a death sentence.

    I will fight this, till the day I die.

    How would you like your child to be raped, for a few dollars,& YOU the Indo”s had a say in it.


  70. Jack Yan

    Well, Kaz, that awareness can still be used for good. I see you have a cause to fight, because it has highlighted those issues for you. When I say

  71. judy

    kaz says ;It is such a pity that child molesters & runners of child porn never get a life sentence, when drugs (an adult choice) gets a life sentence, a child does not have a say, but it is O,K. for a male to get his rocks off with a baby & never bet a death sentence.


    Im not law student but about sentence also confusing me (in cases like you said)

    and i havent got the answers yet about sentence in my country

    (I lined>> in indonesia they sell drug to children)

    and about corrupt, I know its the third corrupt country in the world. It’s from indo history when soeharto era and blah blah story to be told

    in the past where you can find country when you get the driver license easily…the anwser is in indonesia, (one example of corrupt in Indonesia)

    still many bad government image in indonesian itself about their police, justice etc

    but today, Indonesia has been improving their government, corruption, economic with their new president ( I wish much to him to make my country free from corruption image)

    and we’ve just made our own terrorist law ( we didnt have this law before bali bombing ) uhg, again Im not law student and not really expert abt law and government

    but I m tired what the world says about my country


    I believe the only hope for this poor girl to obtain some justice regarding the insanity of this entire situation is for the trial to be reopened in Australia.

    The current president of Indonesia and the Prime Minister of Australia should immediately take the necessary steps to allow this case to be reop0ened in AUSTRALIA.

    After the bombing Bali suffered so, and now this.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. Many people will stop going to Bali due to this insanity and those potential tourists will say, “I think that Bali, Indonesia is not a safe place.” I live in Ubud, on and off since l999. I have a bungalow, and have family in Ubud with a Fine Art Gallery Ngurah KK ART GALLERY ON THE MAIN ROAD IN CAMPUHAN, UBUD. THEREFORE, POLITICIANS WAKE UP AND USE YOUR BRAINS, TAKE ACTION TO CORRECT THIS CORRUPT SITUATION THAT HAS OCCURRED.

  72. Tom Y

    If she had been arrested here in US (or Europe for that matter) with that much dope, I believe she also would’ve had a hard time proving that some one else put them in her bag. Some of you pointed out that no one would be so stupid as to carry that much dope in an unlocked bag. I understand your point, but how could you be so sure? Y’all gotta believe that there are stupid people doing stupid things. How could y’all be so sure that she was not that kind of stupid person? May be she was so arrogant and sure about not getting caught. Have y’all thought about that? Perhaps, she had been doing this for many times, that she grew over confident and complecent? Listen up!, I am not making any judgement here. I am just giving y’all alternative theories on what might have transpired.

    I do sympathize with Ms Corby though. She should not have been given so harsh penalty for her alledged crime. Mariyuana is no crack coccaine. However, if one of my kids get hooked on drugs (even on Mariyuana), I sure want to hang the dealers who sold him the drugs my self. FYI, I have several close friends whose kids died of drug overdose. I just hope that will never happen to y’all. GBU.


    I have friends whose kids died of drug overdose. If that happens to my own kids, I’ll hang the bastards who sold them the drugs myself. Ms Corby was bag was found to contain a large amount of drugs. Unless she can prove beyond any reasonable of doubt that they are not hers, I am more incline to believe her guilty.

  73. berry evers

    I lived in Indonesia for three years.I’m an American citizen who was there on a business assignment to partner with an Indonesian company,help them to modernize and expand their operation.The experience turned out to be a nightmare.The people were corrupt and dishonest. They would smile to your face and stab you in the back.looking back, there was not a single person that I would trust.We were constantly getting sick.our safety was constantly threatened.We were evacuated several times.We were subjected to some things that were so traumatic,we were in therapy for months after returning home to the states.I would not go back there for all the money in the world.

  74. Rom

    Seriously people…… do you think any of ur comments here are going to change anything?!?! Lol. YOU BUNCH OF SAD SODS !!

  75. Rom again

    I think the American, Indo president and Thai prime minister (who cares what them names are, it doesnt make a f!@#ing corrupt difference) are a disgrace to the nations who have entrusted them with authority. Howard and Blair however are really special!! They are just dumb F!@#s who are ignorant and unaware of whats going on around them. What I think is…they all should be put in the ring to fight to the death. The winner of the whole event will then be shot!!

  76. Jack Yan

    Rom, I think these comments did change things. The perception of Indonesia. Learning of governmental action or inaction. The dangers of trial by media, and of stereotyping. An understanding of racism. Whether they helped Ms Corby or not is one matter, but they may have far-reaching consequences on peripheral issues.

       And if comments are ineffective, why did you make two?

  77. Nanno

    Well, to all of you who live in indonesia…that’s wonderful that you are kind and loving people, I wouldn’t know because unlike Shapelle Corby, I don’t visit countries whose governments point the blame at innocent people, but she was a “VICTIM” in all of this and still remains a “VICTIM”. If the people of Indonesia are as kind and generous and loving as all of that…then why aren’t you guys doing something about the injustice…seems to me that there could be something you could do about it. Here in America, if we aren’t happy about something, some law or whatever, we have the right to “free speech”, the right to be offended, the right to say to our governement, “Hey, in our opinion, we think you guys suck at leading and we don’t appreciate it.” But then again, this is America, not Indonesia, where obviously if you say anything against the government, you know have an opinion of sorts, than you’re sentenced to death. Kind and loving people of Indonesia…get a clue….nobody is saying anything against YOU, they are not pointing the finger at YOU, they are pointing the finger at your corrupt and unfair government. Do something about it if you care enough to. If not, let us have our say, it’s our right and we have that right as like I said before, we HAVE the right to freedom of speech.

    God Bless and Peace to you and your country. I will continue to pray for the release of Innocent Shappelle Corby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Nanno

    Oh, and by the way…I won’t be visiting Indonesia until the corrupt government is no longer corrupt…besides I like it here in somewhat safe America…the Land of the Free and the BRAVE.

  79. Gerry May

    To the comment made by Nanno, Schapelle was found carrying 4kgs of drugs in her bag and it is highly probable she would have been convicted in the US, UK and Australia if she had been caught in the same circumstances and you probably would accept the verdict. So she is convicted in Indonesia but you conclude that makes them corrupt.

    I think too many people just don’t like the idea of a non white nation imprisoning a westerner to be honest. The idea that some would seek to “punish” the whole nation for what was a reasonable conclusion (and it was after all reasonable to find somebody in possession of 4kgs of drugs guilty) is shocking. It is sickening when some even talk about retracting aid to innocent people who have lost everything because of this judgement.


    I have vacationed in Bali for sixteen consecutive years and happened to be in Bali when Schapelle was arrested at Denpasar airport. That was my last visit to Bali that year. I love Bali but I refuse to support a corrupt government and court system that refuses to acknowledge somebody that is quite plainly innocent. I am very surprised the Balinese have not supported Schapelle as this whole unjust mess is tearing at the seams of their tourism industry. Should I ever return I must be assured I will not have the same problem entering Indonesia while passing through customs and wondering if my baggage has been tampered with. If my bag was tampered with and it came down the conveyor belt not as I checked it…what am I to do??? I would never trust the Indonesian police to investigate me fairly. My life would also hang in their hands and probably end in a filthy Indonesian prison.

    Till Schapelle is free, my heart goes out to all my wonderful Balinese friends and my prayers that Schapelle is freed sooner rather than later. Gerry … Vancouver Canada

  80. wsas

    Im Sorry, but most of u r fools!

    Firstly, none of u were there when she packed her bags. You couldnt even say what ur mum or dad packed in there bags, let alone what someone none of u ever knew did.

    Secondly, those drugs are worth alot in bali (around $250k). So dont be fooled that because Indonesia is a Tropical climate, and its easy to grow, that it grows in everyones backyard.

    The risks are great – death! So put a price on life.

    So we hear about this type of thing (drugs planted in bags) often? I think not!

    Why be angry with Indonesia, when even Corby reckons the drugs were planted from Australia. If thats the case, shouldn’t the rest of the world boycott Australia???

    The drugs were found on her – so the onus is on her to prove that it wasn’t hers. And she coulnd’t!

    A bunch of hypocrites here!

  81. govinda

    I’m so glad you don’t feel like going to our sun drenched paradise. There are too many close minded nutters out there in the world, it would be such a relief to not have to endure another one -albeit only as a tourist- in our shores.

    After all, you’ll miss out on great beaches, great culture, & great food, whereas we’ll miss out on…nothing. Even the lovely ganja-totin’ Ms.Corby, who couldn’t prove her own innocence in a court of law, seems to agree. She prefers to ride her sentence in Bali than in her native Australia.

  82. andre

    We went on a honeymoon trip to Bali, we stay in nusa dua. When we booked tour, I was taken aback by the very low price of the hotel, and I was afraid that he would disappoint me, but no, the hotel was amazing … very cozy, clean, spacious rooms .. beautiful garden with pond, and in it are teeming with “mad” fish, near which were stopped by the tourists to feed them with bread, a green area, and I would not call it a small, all matches hotel.. The people at the pool is not so much, and I will refute the rumors that have to get up at 7 am, to take a lounger on the beach, free lager can be found at any time. Guide services world without limite, we have not used, because had time to get acquainted with a woman who gave us the contacts of the local English speaking driver, he told me many interesting things, very cheerful, a wonderful man and a tour takes twice as cheaper.he give us various gifts and tell details, where to go, where good and reasonable prices. His name putra, since its well known, in case the need to leave his phone number: 081805338662 you will not regret it. In general, Bali is very beautiful and exotic place, there are very friendly people! entertainment very much, enough for all, both for youth and adults. We are pleased to be back there and I advise everyone to go there to fly … it’s unforgettable!


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