Not taking it seriously

Oli Barrett’s post Facebook has Landed captures how business is being changed by social software. And he has given me the very slim pretext I need to dig out this YouTube classic from the Python archives.

It’s a long and delightful clip, and I was thinking especially of the bit five minutes in. Here Graham Chapman’s archetypal army general is horrified to discover that the enemy is “not taking the war seriously” any more. There’s a similar shock coming for those who don’t see how fundamentally the Web is changing how we see our relationships with work.

Facebook may come or go, but I think we’re seeing an inspiring blurring of what what we used to call “our lives” and “work”. And now it’s not just us crazed bloggers.

When a top law firm has to back down when it tries to block Facebook at work, it’s clear that we live in interesting times.

4 thoughts on “Not taking it seriously

  1. Antony Mayfield

    Oh that’s just summed it up completely for me… I used to find it frustrating to come up against sneering denial of the changes out there. Increasingly it is just Python-esque. Cheers, Johnnie…

  2. Nick Smith

    Hi Johnnie,

    Bit of a farce at A&O isn’t it, but do you know something.. I feel for those guys.

    It’s easy enough for us crazy bloggers to evangelise this stuff but the enterprise world has real fears about the democratisation of the work place and I don’t think we’ve done very much to help them to either express or overcome their resistance.

    Democracy is all well and good in theory but as a model for getting things done, which business is about, it’s not got a brilliant track record to date. Although they are rarely articulated, I think there are two great fears than we need to help principals resolve.

    1) where are the safeguards when the monkeys are running the zoo

    2) how will we be able to move quickly when so many are able participate in the decision making processes.

    If we can help organisations address these issues with a little TLC I think adoption of Web 2.0 practices will be a lot easier all round

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Nick: Yes, it seems a bit of a farce on the surface at least.

    I’m basically very optimistic about social software. I think it will grow simply because (and as long as) it’s useful and engaging. The powers-that-be will figure it out eventually; for myself I’m not going to put much effort into reassurance.


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