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I don’t know about you (for all I know you’re an Apple or Linux person) but the more I read, the more I think I’ll not be upgrading to Office 2007 or to Windows Vista. I don’t like what I’m hearing and to be honest, I’m quite content with the software I’ve got. Do I want to risk all the gremlins to add to the proportion of features that I don’t understand and will never really use in my software?

Tony’s latest update on Office is a good example of why I’ll stay where I am, thanks.

1 thought on “Not upgrading

  1. steve clayton

    Johnnie, there’s somethign in there for you…promise 🙂

    Seriously, it depends on how you work as to whether Vista/Office are worth it but i guess this shows we haven’t explained things well enough and the effect that teething pains from others can have on adoption. some features like search, gadgets, security improvements and a cleaner UI make it worthwhile for many people (non softies) i know. Office 2007 takes some time to get used to (took me 2 weeks I reckon) but stuff like the ribbon, publish to PDF, smartart and others I couldn’t do without now.

    I would say that though 🙂



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