Now or Never

I got quite excited when I found out that Islington is going to get wireless broadband at what seemed like good rates.

The company providing this is called Now. Over the last four weeks they’ve been enthusiastically mailing me to announce that it’s now available on my street and they’re dying to connect me. In fact they can do it in less than 24 hours.

I got another very intrusive and jolly mailing yesterday. They must be wondering what’s stopping me from signing up.

Well, only one trifling detail in fact. Every time I go to their website and put in my postcode, it tells me sadly Now is not yet available. And when I ring them up, they say their customer service is overwhelmed and they’ll have to call me back. Which they don’t. They’re probably too busy designing another exciting mailing to overcome my inexplicable obstinancy about signing up.

What is about companies that deliver these brillant communications technologies that their left and right hands have no idea what each other are doing?

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