Obesity, sychophancy and consistency…

There’s been a lot of coverage for a report by MPs slamming our food industry for its role in the growth of obesity in the UK. The big food companies are fighting what looks like a rearguard action against government intervention to stop them advertising to children.

I was intrigued to find this quotation from Niall Fitzgerald, the Chairman of Unilever in this context.

The power of business, as opposed to that of government, is grossly overrated

How does this square with the following highlights from Unilever’s own website (Unilever introduces new corporate brand). Their golden words, my italics, by the way.

The new Unilever brand was introduced today. It will support the launch of the company’s new Vitality mission, announced on Feb 12, when Unilever set its future direction.


2 thoughts on “Obesity, sychophancy and consistency…

  1. Planet Brand

    Unilever announces new corporate brand

    Unilever announced their new corporate brand which, the carrier of their new strategy 2010 which goes with the headline Vitality. Johnnie Moore posted some nice thoughts about the new design, the messages communicated with it and the PR job done…

  2. Katherine Stone

    The BS never ends, and thank GOODNESS we have you to point it out. It’s laughable, really, except that companies continue to say one thing to the world and a completely different thing internally. My favorite are the Phillip Morris commercials urging you not to smoke and warning of the terrible health risks, while at the same time you know the PM staff is in a conference room somewhere creating a marketing plan to get people to buy more. Have I entered the Twilight Zone?


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