6 thoughts on “Obliquity

  1. Martin

    Johnny, your thinking’s spot-on.

    The point I was trying to bring across is exactly that: I’m (at least secretly!) hoping that by focusing on doing things right, and on loving this way of doing things, the profits will follow. It’s about underlying value, something which I believe can only be created through passion.

    Maybe it’s a naive attitude to have, but at 26, I have that luxury – over time it’s going to be pretty interesting seeing how this philosophy plays off against the purely-profit-driven one.

  2. pc4media

    Understanding People’s Motivations is the Path to Finding Profit

    Johnnie Moore has a great post on what drives entrepreneurs: the pursuit of understanding vs the pursuit of profit.

  3. Rich...!

    Both you and Martin are right in challenging me on the profit uber alles thing. That’s not the case though, I’m not a single-minded number whore, but the numbers are important to me. I love my company, I love that staff members past and present meet at the pub downstairs for a drink every week, I love the fun our clients have when they visit, I love that clients can’t leave the office without spreading the word. However, none of this would be quite so nice if I was loosing money. I still remember borrowing money from my mother-in-law to pay for my honeymoon. That kind of thing gives you perspective.

    The company style hasn’t changed, I just keep the endgame in mind now, that’s all..!


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