Oh Dear

Tom Peters nominates Lovemarks as his “Bizbook of the Half Decade Award”

I’ve been trying so hard not to rant anymore about this. I’ve been thinking of Evelyn Rodriguez‘s excellent thinking on integration and trying hard to find some things to appreciate about Kevin Roberts.

I think I’d better go for a nice long walk. But if any of you out there want to egg me on I think I might have a few more things to say on this topic.

5 thoughts on “Oh Dear

  1. Stanley Moss

    I think his repackaging ought to be called LoveBucks, because that is all it is: motivated by money, and none of the lofty aims he professes. The $800 Adidas shopping spree he is so proud of celebrates impulsive, mindless spending for things we don’t need. Is that what the alternative for brands advocates? Reminds me of big credit card companies who encouraged consumer debt by marketing 0% for 6 months, enabling people to spend money they didn’t have for things they didn’t want. Roberts “repositions” himself and his cadre as the professionals who create demand. Doesn’t sound like a new vision to me. It’s the same old tune from the same old crowd in search of filthy lucre, and nothing more. Tom Peters ought to rethink this infatuation. It may be book royalty/speaking tour envy motivating his endorsement. After all, Roberts is energetically on the road milking LoveBucks to the max.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    If nothing else amongst the “big” branding names, I think Kevin is getting warmest. (Although I think Scott Bedbury has a knack for it as well).

    I enjoyed the book but would certainly not put it in the BizBook of the Half Decade category.

    Although I wonder what I WOULD put in that category. I’ve gotten more revelation perhaps from non-business books.


    Thanks for the encouragment John and for the passion, Stanley. Evelyn, if you’re right, then I think the “big” branders are all stuck in the same outdated paradigm; I get what you say about reading outside the business category!

  3. James Cherkoff

    Get stuck in Johnnie!! I’d say TP and KR are just going in for a bit of mutual back slapping! Love Marks is just a repackaged version of what the Big Agencies have been peddling for 50 years.

  4. Stanley Moss

    What about Sicco’s book, Global Brand Strategy? That for me has been the soundest, smartest thinking on the subject. I think his model will be around for a long time, and rightly so.


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