On narcissism

Is it possible to wonder out loud if I am being narcissistic or is that itself narcissism?

A question prompted by Andy Dexter’s comment on a previous post High Status BS. Andy’s having a bit of a go at me for having a go at his company’s promotional blurb.

Hello from Incepta Marketing Intelligence. We did have a bit of a chuckle at your comments.


A quick word count on your Guiding Principles page shows 35 mentions of “I”, “me”, “my”, “myself” etc… In fact, this solipsism amounts to one in every twelve words written. That’s a lot of the big “I am” to cram into a short piece of text.

Anyway – we still like some of the other things you write. Particularly the bit where you admit to having blind spots…

Keep it up!

Well, I was being provocative in that post (classified as a Rant at the time) so it’s fair enough for Andy to defend himself, albeit by changing the subject from pot to kettle.

As you might guess, I think his comment is a bit of a red herring. Sure, I use the first person a lot on this site. For the simple reason that it’s only me writing it. I suppose the alternative to saying “I think x is y” is to simply state “x is y” as fact. I’m not one for high-faluting philosophy, but I’d say the latter is more solipsistic than the former. (Solipsism =”The theory or view that the self is the only reality” – I had to look it up).

Alternatively, I could avoid saying what I think altogether.. but as Harry Hill would say, “What are the chances of that happening?” Still, perhaps my “guiding principles” are a bit waffly. I must admit I take most other people’s with a large pinch of salt.

Comments, as ever, welcome…

1 thought on “On narcissism

  1. Johnnie Moore

    I’m never a fan of saying too much. Right now, people talk too much and it’s becoming boring, circular and the same old same old. See http://www.changethis.com as an example.

    We’re this, we’re that. Who says? This applies to you, me, Incepta – anyone. Thing is, though Johnnie, if you are to take other people’s guiding principles with a pinch of salt then what’s the point of writing your own in the first place?

    It’s far better to let the customer decide who will be king. That’s why testimonials and $$gained/saved are way more powerful than any soliptical chest puffing that Incepta churns out on it’s website.


    Thanks for the input, Tim. Yeah, all this stuff can reach the “blah, blah” threshold easily. Actually, I don’t trust testimonials much either – they’re often a bit self-regarding too.

    You know what, it’s all subjective. I’ll write my way and people can make their own mind up and I won’t do too much second-guessing.

    In Improv lingo, Incepta’s blurb and mine are both Offers. People will make their own meanings out of them…


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