On not knowing and not blogging

2015-02-22 09.48.57I’m enjoying¬†Not Knowing an interesting book by Steven D’Souza and Diana Renner. It’s got some great quotes and sound bites – I really like the one pictured about the shadow created by knowledge. They do a good job of naming all the difficult emotions that come with not knowing, and especially with feeling that we ought to know, or need to fake knowledge to maintain our status.

Yet some of the most interesting things happen at the boundaries of our knowledge.. the region they call Finisterre, where the land gives way to the ocean.

I made a promise to myself not to do much “blogging about blogging” but I’ll make an exception today. I notice I’ve fallen almost completely silent on this blog for the last few weeks. It wasn’t a policy decision, but I think I’ve been through a period of not feeling I want to put too much in words. The internet is awash with words and information, I get a bit weary of it and I’m not sure I want to keep adding to the excess.

There’s more aliveness in the space at the edge of the known. When I slip into a “teacher trance” this easily diminishes the energy of groups. Now there’s money to be made in the repacking and retailing of the known, in playing the expert.¬†Divesting yourself of that mantle is to risk being naked. With all the associated risks and excitements, I guess.

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  1. Geoff Brown

    G’day Johnnie. I’ve just finished the same book and got a lot out of the content, but also in it’s layout of concise chapters, quotes and stories. It pulled together many familiar threads in a nice way.

    Like you, I’ve also been somewhat silent on the blogging front … but for over a year now. I still read and lurk in the blogosphere and still learning constantly but the blogging has fallen away for reason unknown to me? I really enjoyed your concise book co-written with Viv. Beautiful to hold and a sprinkling of wisdom on every page.

    Hope this message find you well. Geoff


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