On the court

Evelyn is channeling Lisa Haneberg. Actually she isn’t, she’s just passing on an email. But it’s an amusing thought.

Anway, here’s Lisa’s little nugget.

There are 2 types of conversations – One the Court and In the Stands.Think of a basketball court. There are players and spectators.

On the court conversations are aimed at making a difference. They are active. When we speak on the court we are players. [The example listed a conversation that encouraged a plan for brainstorming. Operative word: let’s plan together, let’s do something, here’s a suggestion I’m willing to help with. Not just whining.]

In the stands conversations are water cooler conversations. They are directed out there. Example: Until this company changes their ways and stops treating people like disposable resources, they will continue to lose great folks.

Of course, this observation is itself an In The Stands conversation, but hey, no-one promised life would be simple. And the basic idea makes lots of sense to me… and I’m one of those refective, procastinating types. At another level, reflection and action can’t be clinically separated. I said something moderately interesting on this a while back.

So instead of dividing into two camps.. the mesomorphs who celebrate action, and ectomorphs deifying thought/conversation, we may not be as divided as we think. And then the focus shifts from talk as opposed to action to looking at the quality of our actions and conversations.

2 thoughts on “On the court

  1. Lisa Haneberg

    Johnnie – Evelyn channeling Lisa – Yikes! Poor Evelyn 🙂 Interesting build on the idea. And clearly there are more and less constructive forms of being In the Stands. Reflection seems helpful as long as it eventually leads to something (unless reflection is the goal, then it is perfect). But the In the Stands conversations that trouble me most are the type that amount to no more than whining and victim conversations.

    I had not heard the meso/ecto conversation before, interesting…

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Lisa: I agree. I guess there’s a balance, and I know in some meetings I hit my asbstraction threshold and feel the need for some concrete actions or ideas.


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