On Your Knees!

I’m co-hosting a workshop in Finland on October 14th, alongside Simo Routarine and Viv McWaters.

This will be part of the IAF Europe Conference in Helsinki. Here’s a bit of the blurb:

Status, or power, games are inherent in meetings – whether acknowledged or not. Sometimes status can get in the way, creating tension between individuals and limiting the potential for authentic communication and engagement.

Status can play out in many ways: sometimes a connection occurs between strangers and they just feel they communicate on the same wavelength; or a careless step on someone’s toes – an unseen status challenge – creates tension, or even conflict between individuals.

The facilitator is in a unique status position and can use this to their advantage, enabling them to see status gaps and, most importantly, close those gaps to enhance communication.

We can’t avoid status games. This workshop is about learning to recognize them and how to play them more effectively.

Details and registration

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