“Only management can occur”

Earl sticks his neck out an inch further than I did in response to Dan Pink’s argument about the failure of incentives.

The biggest problem with business these days especially big business and with Government is that it has been captured by the managerial class and they KNOW this stuff already. But like every ruling class in history, they cannot afford to admit the problem because that involves their own career and livelihood being cancelled

He then reflects on how this affects our handling of the really big problems facing the world:

..for most people, especially decision-makers, the problem itself is invisible, it is outside the scale of their competence and all their training comes down to, “if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed” because management can do only those things that are susceptible of management. Because they have captured the organisation, only management can occur.

2 thoughts on ““Only management can occur”

  1. David Spira

    This is so true.

    So much of a website’s (especially a blog’s) value is not measurable… but management demands numbers. What the numbers actually mean doesn’t matter so long as they are going to be bigger next year.


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