Open Sauce on podcast

Yesterday James Cherkoff and I were interviewed by Neville and Shel of the Hobson and Holtz Report.

We kicked around some of the thoughts behind our Open Sauce workshops. There’s a good discussion about some of the ways marketing needs to adapt to collaborate with customers instead of just pushing messages at them.

I’m not sure how articulate I was, but it was fun to get a chance to discuss some of the issues with Nev and Shel. And I managed to say the word Improv a few times which is good.

These guys work fast! The finished podcast is alreadly up this morning with some quite thorough shownotes. This sort of professionalism really threatens to rattle the foundations of traditional media.

Take a listen (mp3 file 14.6 MB)


(James and I are going to offer the workshops to agencies and brands over the next weeks. At the moment we’re not planning another all-comers version)

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