Open Source Marketing

James Cherkoff points to an interesting article by Bob Garfield in Ad Age (registration required): Inside the New World of Listenomics. It’s about how marketing is going Open Source. My favourite bit is this paragraph about George Masters who spent 5 months making a homemade ad about the iPod.

So why would a 37-year-old man invest a half year of free time to advertise somebody elses business? Masters answers the question with a question: Why does anyone devote time to the things he is passionate about?

I also like JD Lasica’s observation

“We’re tired of the 20th-century model of being passive consumers of mass content,” says J.D. Lasica, author of Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation. “We’re transitioning to a new kind of culture. More participatory, more open, more interactive where the locus of control passes.”

James also pointed me to this piece in Fast Company about how Naked are shaking up conventional ad agencies – part at least of what will be needed to survive in an Open Source world.

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