Open Space on Education

Last week I facilitated (with my friends at PolicyUnplugged) an Open Space for Channel 4 at their offices in London. They were inviting educators to help shape the way C4 does its education programming.

David Wilcox and his son Danny made a visual record. You can see pictures at Flickr and here are some video interviews with participants.

I’m showing a picture of Dan, a geographer who opened the discussion marketplace. In the background are some blanks sheets of paper; the only word on them is “Dan” because at this point, Dan is making the first discussion proposal. Over 2 rounds, those sheets were filled with over 20 different conversation topics. Dan’s proposal was a classic Open Space thing: he wanted C4 (and the world in general) to pay much more attention to Geography as a subject. I don’t think anyone would have thought of putting that on a standard conference agenda; but Dan and 5 or 6 other equally passionate people had a lively conversation which clearly engaged the programme makers in the room. Here’s his video clip summing up his ideas.

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