Open Space on Education

There’s more cringeworthy footage of me in this short interview by David Wilcox.

I didn’t realise my eyes darted around so much. See I’m an introvert at heart. I try to explain how I think Open Space works. I’m not completely convinced by my own explanation here… but the “how it works” is not nearly as important as the fact it does work.

David also has some photos of an Open Space I hosted earlier this week. It was on how education is changed by social software and open sourcing. This was organised by Policy Unplugged and FutureLab.

3 thoughts on “Open Space on Education

  1. Open Space World

    Johnnie Moore on the working of Open Space

    London-based facilitator Johnnie Moore describes how Open Space Technology works in this short video clip from a recent event he did on education and social software

  2. Chris Corrigan

    Not cringeworthy enough I’m afraid…I posted that to

    Thanks for that Johnnie…always good to have many voices talking about why it all works.

  3. Michael Wagner

    I liked being able to see you comment – you had very helpful observations too! I really liked your insights about overcoming the control structures we are taught to find a way to work together as our natural bent.

    Thanks for adding to the conversation!


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