Orange dabbles in co-creation

I got an email from Orange today announcing The Orange Project

On July 17, 18 and 19 we’ll be working on a unique project at a secret foreign location and would love your help. You will work as part of a team constructing an amazing installation in a stunning landscape. You’ll be expected to get your hands dirty – but don’t worry, you don’t need specialist skills, enthusiasm is enough. The whole thing will be filmed and broadcast on national television, as well as reaching an international audience on the internet.

If you’d like the chance to be selected for the casting session, which takes place on Wednesday 12 July in London, and to be part of filming this amazing experience, click on the ‘next’ button below.

Hmm, I wonder what this is about. Maybe I’m just middle aged but I’d prefer companies like Orange to engage with customers to innovate and support stuff around what they actually do for a living: ie communications technology. I suspect Doug Rushkoff would be yelling at them to get back in the box. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what happens (in my case from the other side of the world as I have travel plans. Sorry, Orange.)

6 thoughts on “Orange dabbles in co-creation

  1. annette

    call me cynical – but isn’t that just a cattle call for “real” (i.e. non-paid people) instead of paying actors? Ah yes, what reality tv has left us…

  2. Oli

    i got this too, and like the sap that i am, i registered, almost without thinking. i’m interested to find out what it will be. it could turn out to be a big dissappointment a la the segway. who knows?!

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Tim, sounds like you are feeling cheerful and optimistic about Orange which is great. Let’s see what emerges from their playfulness here and then see if we feel like clapping!


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