Order and disorder

Two interesting items from David Smith‘s excellent daily feed.

If you want to get productive, get disorganised. Simon Caulkin riffs on the theme of A Perfect Mess.

Tim Oren on Burke’s Law of Metadynamics:

In the course of the chat Burke came up with approximately the following statement which has stayed with me since:

“Systems dump excess energy in the form of structure.”

It may not sound like much, but it’s rather profound. It essentially says that a system operating in surplus won’t stay so, but instead will act to build up its own structure at the expense of the surplus. Looked at the right way, it’s a nutshell explanation for the existence of life – an eruption of structure in response to excess solar energy.

2 thoughts on “Order and disorder

  1. Jeremy Sweeneyj

    Hi Johnnie,

    This reminds me a nice presentation from Charles Leadbeater.

    Some interesting points were:

    – Give people tools, see how they us them and only then, build your business model

    – The most innovative organisations (based on free collaboration) today have no headquarters and no hierarchy, they are much quicker in innovation than any big fixed rigid organisation

    – Succes may lead to conservatism. If you have a history of succes, you may tend to repeat what led you to succes

    – If you want to see your way into the future, act as you were a new entrant with low budgets


    Love this phrase – It backs up my organisational theory of ‘if in doubt, do something. Whatever you do, don’t allow time or space to feel anything, who knows what would happen then’!


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