Organising round passion

I had lunch yesterday with Euan Semple Alex Kjerulf and Lars Plougmann. The world was generally put to rights and I got to see how many books Alex buys each time he comes to London. I talked about how I think the internet is helping to create a world where it’s easier for people to organise themselves around what they are actually passionate about the same principle that makes Open Space such a great approach to meetings.

I think this presents an interesting challenge to schools and many coporations and brands which put the cart before horse: they try to get us to be passionate around the organisation.

Alex chipped in a thought about knowledge sharing, which is what we’re all supposed to be doing these days (instead of knowledge hoarding). Actually, knowledge sharing is something we do quite naturally once we’re talking about what we really care about. So many dreary KM initiatives and collaborative tools seem to fail because they miss that point.

2 thoughts on “Organising round passion

  1. everythingyellow

    Wow…the next three friends of mine meet up like that, let me know and leve the Skype on would you? That would have been a very fun time…


    Even though I think it is possible to become passionate about something as you’re involved, it is very great to have people come together around a cause they are already passionate about. For instance in the volunteering world would you rather have someone tutor your child because they are passionate about it or start it because they think they should and slowly become passionate? The internet is a great way to discover organizations and people based around your own values.


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