Hmmm. perhaps it serves me right for blogging about presence but my own lack of focus in the moment hit me on the head last night, literally.

Somehow on my way home I stumbled on the pavement. In falling, my head collided with a cast iron bollard. This came as a bit of a shock. I was aided by several passers by. As a measure of how cosmopolitan my home city has become, these consisted of a British Asian, a young French couple and a middle-aged American woman. I was offered, with great kindness, several different bits of advice and offers to call ambulances. I was sufficiently ok to appreciate the diversity of suggestions and decide, after a minute or two, that I was probably going to live. The Asian man was able to assure me that my pupils were doing something that it was good they did. The American gave me additional information by showing me my rapidly swelling forehead in a vanity mirror. And the French couple were… well reassuringly French and kind.

I wandered home and applied ice for about an hour. Gradually, a variety of other lesser injuries made themselves known and I took myself gingerly to bed. This morning I am in reasonable shape, but it does look as though I have been the victim of incompetent botox treatment to my forehead. Frowning is uncomfortable, and I feel a tad depressed about this fleeting encounter with a sense of mortality.

I suppose its a good reminder to try and stay in the here and now…

7 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. David Burn

    Glad you’re all good, Johnnie! While it’s tastless of me to say, there’s something slapstick in your post that leaves the reader (me)laughing. What else can you do with such material?

  2. Earl Mardle

    Its those damned London footpaths; the same ones that did my back in the day I was supposed to come to your open space demo in May.

    Now, if this were the US we could sue someone till teir back teeth rattled.

    Somehow, blogging for sympathons (units of sympathy) seems a little more civilised and communitarian.

    Get well soon.

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Hi all, thanks for your good wishes. I’m recovering fine, though it’s been a peculiar process.. I looked a bit like quasimodo for a couple of days with my right eye closing up as a side effect of the bump healing… But getting back to normal now.

  4. Jesper

    Johhnie in capoeira we see falling as a part of life. Dunno if it helps you, but i always get comforted by that thought when bad things happen. It makes it easier to flow along and embrace it similarly to how you advice us to act in business.


    Happy Thoughts from Copenhagen


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