Oh. El Blogador has had it with me:

I have unceremoniously removed mssrs Hughtrain and Johnny Moore from my blogroll today.

They’ve spent the past couple of weeks frenziedly banging nails into coffins and I just can’t stand the racket any more. We have arrived as they would no doubt be at pains to point out, at the tipping point. (or perhaps the flushing point?)

Methinks the gaping gob should stick to his quaint little business card doodles – though recently even these have been getting a bit freaky-deaky – the kind of thing some psycho with a pink slip would pop in an envelope and send to some girl that once dumped him.

Wow, I didn’t realise I was making that much noise. And I’m sorry El Blogador won’t read my thanks for having listened in the first place as I’m no longer in his reader. It’s the “unceremonious” part that stings, surely a flag ceremony and bag pipe jig (or lament) would be justifed?

5 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Johnnie Moore

    In all seriousness, I give El Blogador a lot of credit for nailing his colours to the mast. I’m grateful to anyone willing to listen to me for a while, even if they do tire of me later.

  2. Stanley Moss

    Wow…we should all be so lucky to be dumped so conclusively…it proves that you ARE making noise.

    FWIW, you’re ensconced for good on my blogroll…



    This freeze-out mentality underscores the frequent banality of blogs. El Blogador has been seduced by the ego-gratifying urgency of rendering one’s opinion, which blogging encourages. Perhaps we will next intercept the brilliant musings of Il Bloggatore, or Le Bloggadeur. I’m sure they have equally as compelling commentary for my dear friend Johnnie Moore. Keep posting, Johnnie.


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