Owning ideas

It won’t come as a big surprise that I’m not a big fan of heavy duty intellectual property protection. The idea of owning ideas just doesn’t do it for me.

So I had a good laugh at Tony Goodson’s analogy for the likes of the recording industry.

The image that comes to mind is of a drowning man on a life raft in a storm holding on to a massive chunk of gold, next to a rescue ship.

“Sir, please let go of the gold.”

“No, the gold is mine.”

“Sir, I know the gold is yours, but you’re sinking in the life raft.”

“The gold is all mine, I tell you.”

“Sir, I know the gold is all yours, but you have to let go of it, either hand it to us and we can help you, or you’ll have to toss it off the life raft.”

“Well if I can’t have it then no one can have it………Bwahahahaha!”

1 thought on “Owning ideas

  1. Mark Nickeson

    In part, what I think has gone wrong is that the distinction between “intellectual property” and “an idea” has eroded to the point of non-existence.

    Patenting used to require a fully operational prototype, the working embodiment of some


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