PC down, panic up…

Well if I thought I was blocked yesterday, things got worse. My PC seems to have got hit by a virus, or something, and is in a state of nervous collapse. The desktop has gone from a sea of pretty icons to a lot of ominous missing links. I can only get into two or three programs, email is down and things have clearly gone badly wrong. I’m writing this from an internet cafe.

I find it quite hard to stay calm in these circumstances. I think I have a bit of a default setting of panic and get into catastrophic fantasies about losing all my data. Ah well, it’s been a good chance to practice acceptance. More and more I find the best way to deal with fear is to accept it. Indeed, I will often try to welcome it. I focus on the feeling itself, and try not to get into the thinking about it. So last night in bed I had to keep feeling the fear.

Also, I do have to point out to myself that I spend a good bit of time persuading people of the virtues of Improv, of building on what IS. So I realised I needed to practice what I preach. As the saying goes, we all teach what we most need to learn!

It seems to work. This Sunday morning I’ve been online uncovering all sorts of promising resources to get this problem fixed.

And I’m long overdue for a nice new computer anyway. (In fact, hours before the PC went wobbly I’d been window shopping for a shiny replacement. I wonder if PCs, like people, have an instinct for impending redunancy and start getting upset?)

5 thoughts on “PC down, panic up…

  1. Andreas

    Hi Johnnie,

    Please take this oppportunity to buy a 12″ powerbook + large flat panel 2nd screen for desk use. You will not regret it, you will have no problems integrating with PCs and PC networks, and you will say goodbye to most known viruses and trojans.

    I’m serious: just do it!


    Agreed with Lee on the 12″ Powerbook and screen – I run my entire business from that exact set-up and I love it. No virii, no worries. No IE, spawn of satan, come to think of it.

    But apart from that: Jonnie, a 40GB firewire drive (for Mac or PC) will set you back about 150 quid or less. There really is no reason not to be backed up, mate.

    Also, fear: I, and I am blushing while I am admitting it, am a nervous flyer. Well, a nervous flyer on short haul, for some reason I sleep like a baby whenever I am onboard a 747 or similar. I tried the acceptance of fear theory a while back and it works a treat, at least for me. From ‘shit, I am going to die’ to ‘still nervous but able to wear the same shirt for the afternoon’s meeting’ in one easy step. Yay for me.

  2. Rich...!

    Yeah, here I am, typing away on my 12″ powerbook too, I think fate’s trying to tell you something.

    Oh, and coincidentally, or not, I also carry a 40gb firewire drive with me, just in case ..!

  3. Ton Zijlstra

    Hi Johnnie,

    Elmine looked at a 12″ powerbook last month, but in the end went with an Asus laptop. But I have played around with it and it is a great little machine. The 12″ makes it great to take along on a trip. You can even look other people in the eye while taking your notes 🙂 And adding an extra screen at home is all you need to use as a desktop. So I would advice you to go down to the Apple Store and play with the machine for a bit. I bet you’ll love it.

    Now how’s that from a MS user (although slowly weaning myself of MS towards Open Source and Linux)

  4. Katherine Stone

    I’m with you brother. I had already been eyeing a lightweight, wireless-ready, shiny new toy when my laptop imploded this week. So off to Dell.com I went – I wrote about it in today’s post over on Decent Marketing.

  5. David Wilcox

    I have the same set up as Lee – 12″ Powerbook plus 17″ screen. Brilliant! And you get a whole network of Mac enthusiasts for free…


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