Pea Soup Wisdom

From Michael Herman’s Pea Soup blog under the title Recently Observed:

  • Under-resting and over-vigilance have a way of getting in the way.
  • Showing up early enough to sit and do nothing before a meeting feels surprisingly kind to self.
  • It really doesn’t take long at all in a genuinely quiet moment to come back to self stability and sensation.
  • Life is incredibly resilient, even and especially in the face of the unimaginable and inescapable.
  • It seems more important to be able to pulse between knowing and not knowing than to master either one of them on its own.
  • More and more it seems that the most important leadership act is simply participating in the flow.
  • Elevated subway trains run past Royal Festival Hall. Sitting there in the cafe feels like home sweet chicago.
  • Lovely.

    And not just cos I was sitting there while he made some of these observations.

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