Peeking inside O & M

Danny at Adpulp pointed me to Adweek’s coverage of O&M Execs accused of fraud on the US Government’s anti-drug account. Danny comments

Anyone looking for a revealing look at the kind of office politics duplicity and general CYA that occurs at ad agencies ought to check out Adweek’s recaps. It seems prosecutors have been very aggressive in trying to expose how and why Ogilvy folks falsified their timesheets, and some of the witnesses have been caught in their own web of lies.

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  1. Stanley Moss

    Hey, and what about that LA PR company, Fleisc hman Hilliard who fiddled billing records for a government contract? Hadn’t they falsified -like- $3.5 million in charges, blatantly padding their expenses? They had gone so far as to instruct their people (via email) to overcharge. So, if companies practice bad public relations internally, it follows that their external activity will reflect this conduct. A wider debate in the industry on the ethics of image-making (are you listening, Mr. Lovemarks?)is certainly suggested.


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