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  1. Jack Yan

    Not sure I liked this. The employees were acting out of “two wrongs make a right”. Maybe it got so bad they felt they had no choice. But they should have displayed enough trust—or even respect—that doing this sort of act privately would have had an effect on their employer. Losing four employees in one go is a big enough deal for ‘Scott’, regardless of how it was done, plus if this chap were this bad, it technically opens the four up to legal action.

  2. Servant of Chaos

    A “Dear Scott” Letter

    Sometimes A Dear John Letter is used to end a relationship. But A Dear Scott Letter can signal the death of a brand. I write a lot about the storytelling capacities of our best customers, but it is important to

  3. Jonathan Hernandez

    Cafe Mutiny

    Found this one via [Johnnie Moore] [AdPulp] [Darren Barefoot] & originally at [Beyond Robson].  These ex-employees are certainly not “Friends of Blenz.”
    While these employees have blatantly disregarded professionalism, any manager …

  4. Phil Gerbyshak Challenges You to Make It Great!

    Employees tend to quit their bosses, not their companies (in pictures)

    I love this, and I’m curious as to the thought and guts it took from the employees who coordinated this. (I first saw this here, though I believe now it was first reported here). Many employees complain about how terrible the people they work for are,…

  5. Wildfire Marketing Group

    IMO, their actions were justified. If he was so bad that 4 people couldn’t stay around any longer then he got what he deserved, and no, they can not be held responsible for what happens as a result. Employees can quit anytime they want.

  6. funky

    well. i have done it before to prove to my boss that he ought to treat staff as human beings and as partners working towards the same goal i.e to increase bottom line. when i chose to leave others followed suit.

    in any organization the boss needs to identify the leader and reach the group thru him/ her


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