Performing improv

For the last few weeks I’ve been doing a weekly improv workshop (as a participant) with a group of about 9 others ably organised by Sprout. The good thing is that at the end, we get to put on a show in the West End. Well, in a room above a pub in the West End, to be exact.

Every session has been challenging and fun, and I’ve really enjoyed how the teamwork seems to get better with every session. There have been some delightful performances, and the best bits have all been the moments where someone is inadvertently funny.. where something spontaneous and unexpected happens, instead of (the big pitfall for Improv performers) someone trying to be funny. I keep relearning thiis fabulous lesson for life.

Anyone, if you want to come and watch us all try to make each other look good, the show is on the evening of April 11th. Email me for an invite. (I’m not sure what the cost is yet, but it won’t be much).

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