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Media is getting personal

Perhaps it’s as simple as that. Media was institutional. Now it is personal.

By personalizing media, I don’t mean customizing it (My Yahoo Your Yahoo, All God’s Children Got Yahoos).

I mean humanizing it, taking on the personalities of people, not of institutions.

…reminded me of a chat with a friend the other day. We discussed how in marketing, the idea of personalising a letter means sticking the respondent’s own name in it. But what really needs to happen is for the person writing the letter to put themselves into it. Take responsibility for its content, and have it come from a human being, rather than as some bland marketing broadcast.

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  1. mrG

    An excellent example of this, at least in my perception, is the UML design tools for software engineering, a major competitor to the staunchly corporate and faceless Rational Rose. When you become a customer of Together, you start to receive “The Coad Letters” which, while canned, are a sequence of personal reports from the founder of the company as he explains how he arrived at each of the innovative features of Together, and how he applies those features in engineering practices. We get to discover who Peter Coad is as much as how he got to where he is.

    Now, whether anyone but me really cares, that’s a whole different question. Rational is still faceless and is still the UML tool specified in the career ads in the Globe and Mail…


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