Phone Spam

Chris Lawer takes aim at Peppers and Rogers. The champions of one-to-one marketing are hitching their cart to “voice marketing”.

That’s Phone Spam to you and me. Idiotic answerphone messages trying to sell me things. I’m increasingly weary of answering the phone to this sort of crap whether a message or some poor sod slaving in a callcentre sweatshop in the third world. It used to be exciting when the caller ID displayed an international call… now it just puts me on my guard for the tell-tell 3 second pause while some computer somewhere in India or wherever tries to find a human being (not yet burying his head in despair) to try and flog me a new energy supplier.

And just look at the language they use to describe this tat.

Voice marketing helps retailers strengthen brand and communicate with customers more effectively by combining pre-recorded telephone messages with professional voice talent. Designed to connect with existing customers, voice marketing allows retailers to accelerate their relationships with individual customers and capture higher value

I’m sick of this sort of consultancy gobbledigook… How does this “strengthen” a brand? What the hell is an “accelerated relationship”? Sounds like the pursuit of a one-night-stand to me. “Capture higher value”? Yuk. I feel for the workers caught up in this miserable practice. It’s exactly the sort of marketing I want nothing to do with.

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  1. BrandShift

    Pig lipstick

    Since Johnnie brought up pet peeves in his last post, here’s one of mine: renaming something unpleasant to get more mileage out of it… AKA, putting lipstick on a pig. Chris Lawer points to a Peppers & Rogers article on…

  2. Eric Holmen

    couldn’t agree more…

    I used to be polite as these poor souls at the end are probably just trying make a living – but now it is just “no thanks” and hang up.

    It’s got to a stage now that i make a mental note of the company and try best to remember not buying anything from them – “inverse branding” if you like

    Unfortunately – like email spam it is purely a numbers game and they regard it as a success if they p off 1000 to get one sell πŸ™


    Please see comment posted at in the topic of “Voice marketing is not your father’s telemarketing”.

  3. Bill

    Just got another call from India, phone number 179-336-0280 (what the hell is area code 179?) trying to sell a home security system.

    Wow was the lady surprised when I asked if she was calling from India. She said yes and was thrown off her routine for the rest of the call.

    More McJobs gone to India…this really sucks for North America.

  4. JDH

    Hey… I’m just some guy commenting on your call from someone trying to sell a home security system. I received a call from the exact same phone number today (I found your site by looking up the exact #).

    The company the guy claimed to be from was ADT. I just called ADT, and they indicate that they do not solicit. But I doubt the help desk guy knows what the entire operations of Tyco is up to.

    Anyways, thanks for happeneing to post your thoughts on this matter.

  5. A Dewis

    I just found this site via searching for the 1-179-336-0280 number that has been popping up on my caller ID. This was after searching in vain for like 2 hours of area-code search engines to no avail. Thanks for the heads-up, saved me a lot more searching!

  6. K. Crothers

    I received this phone call today (June 1, 2005). My fiancee took the call and was asked who pays for the phone line. The person at the other end had an Indian accent of some sort and was insistent that she speak to the person who pays the bill. My fiancee hung up, and I decided to search this phone number in Google.

  7. cody

    I recieved a call from 1-179-336-0280 today as well. Nobody was on the other end just a bad connection. Anybody know why area code 179 does not show up when you search it?

  8. John

    Heh, I had the exact number call me about 12 times today while I was out at work. I can’t wait for them to try calling me back to see what fun I can have…

  9. Tina

    I just got the same # on my phone…that is how I too found this website. I have looked in the telephone directories sites to find where 179 is, and this is the only place that actually could tell me where this call was coming from. They called my home at 6:00 in the morning. Someone in India ought to be grateful I didn’t make it to the phone in time!

  10. Chris

    This number (1 179 336 0280) has called my home 3 times so far today. After reading this, I can’t wait to answer it next time.

  11. Meg

    ha…it’s funny that everyone is searching up this number..this number has been calling me for weeks and today they really did it..they called like at least 5 times. And I don’t answer strange numbers. If it’s important they’ll leave a message..

    But sounds fishy to me!

  12. Canada

    That’s so funny!!! It is impressive what internet does! I was just searching to see where they were calling from, turned out to be telemarketing from india…. They called be several times while no one were at home…we ll see next time.

  13. Andrew

    My husband and I just got this same

    number on our phone, 179 336 0280 and when

    we answered it, we got no response.

    I got paranoid it was one of these new

    viruses hackers, or whatever have been

    placing on people’s phonelines, so i

    came online and punched in the number

    and found this site. so glad I did.

    I sure hope they call back now, lol


    I just had this number for a 3rd time in 2 days. Glad to know what it is. Thanks. I did what everyone else did, put the number in the search engine. I got a bad connection and hang up when I answered it, I wonder if the local phone company will do anything about it.

  14. Janet

    Fraud numbers:

    179-336-0280 (India)

    604-550-7000 (California)

    1-447-793-3602 (said from India)

    1-800-203-9783 (Ramada Plaza)

    1-416-644-1155 (Ramada Plaza)

    Hey, I live in Canada and got a call from this strange number. I just got over this whole ordeal with a fraud company in Florida not to long ago. (Ramada Plaza Resort Fort Lauderdale- I entered a draw at a festival in Toronto & some guy said I won a free trip. Anyway.. I think there is a link. The people who called me from the festival was from Toronto (416) the sent me to a Florida number (1-800-203-9783). I reported my epoisode of fraud to The guy there said whatever you do be careful. People have bought your information and are sending it out to other fraud company’s. You should be expecting phone calls from numbers you dont know, and mail from people you dont know or saying you’ve won something or have vouchers!

    So I find it weird how today I got a phone call from 604-550-7000 earlier and then from 179-336-0280 about two hours later!oO and then I JUST got a phone call from 1-441-793-3602 (about 20 mins later).I called them back and no one answered. It was mental! Both are telephone fraud company’s. The one is from Sacramento, Cali and the other is from India.

    There is so much fraud going out there. If you know of any company who is frauding people off make a report at ( or I was a little nervous about THESE strange numbers. I punched in area codes for around the world and couldn’t come up with much. Whatever you do dont pick up the phone to any number you dont know. Like someone else said if it’s important enough they’ll leave a message.

    There is another phone scam that’s been going around the world. A woman calls and then hangs up. You call her back and a woman calls and says her name is kelly. She stays on the phone with you for a few minutes. Each minute is like 50 bucks a crack! They end up taking money from you even if you talk to them for 2 minutes! It’s so stupid. She’s from the bahamas!That’s why it’s so expensive! It’s just another phone fraud company.

    Good Luck! Everyone is out to get you.


    I too just got a phone call from 179-336-0280 and I am glad I found this page. I will no longer talk to anyone from any numbers other than local. I wasn’t aware. Thank god I wasn’t home. And, they of coarse left no messages. I wonder if anything can be done about these callers? if anyone knows please post

  15. Dawn

    I just got a call from 179-336-0016, butI’m assuming it would be along the same thing as these other numbers. And I too, searched the internet tos ee where the heck 179 was from.


  16. lisa

    I just got a phone call from that number up there as well (179-336-0016). No one answered when I picked up though. weird.

  17. Jack Yan

    I’m sure all 179 numbers are connected to similar people, i.e. Indian telemarketers, based on this thread. Why 91 (India’s country code) doesn’t show is a bit odd.

  18. Gill

    I was called over the weekend from this number, 604-550-7000 (California), luckerly i left my cell phone at work by accident, so i didn’t pick it up, but as i rarely will pick up a call if i don’t know the number i probably would’ve been safe. First time i’ve got a call like this.


    My wife received a call from this number – 1-179-336-0280 at about 6:oo PM. Man sounded like east indian or from India. Said he was offering telephone long distance for 5 cents per minute anywhere in USA or Canada for PRIMUS. Have not been able to reach the phone number he left for PRIMUS, Canada.

    My wife did share some info with him such as full names, full address and Air Miles card #. I wasn’t comfortable with that at all as there are so many Identity thieves out there.

    It may be that they are on contract for PRIMUS, but I still don’t like sharing any personal info. We will continue to try to reach PRIMUS to confirm or deny their involvement.

  19. Ravyn

    I just received a call from 179-336-0280 for the first time and since I didn’t recognize the number and have never seen an area code like that for Canada or the US, I didn’t answer it. This person left a message in my voice mail saying “Hello? Hello? My name is… Hello? Hello?”…they sounded like a little kid. I decided to do a search on the number and found this site. Thanks for letting me know what this was all about!

  20. Jami

    I live in Canada and I also got a call from the above #. I have been reciving alot of unusual phone numbers at odd times of the day. one call i recived it was at 7:00 am the woman on the phone was very disorrented and asked some weierd questions. needless to say I was not very kind to her and hung up. I intend to call my phone company to see if something can be done to block the numbers. This is starting to tic me off and I may have to put my number as unlisted. hope something can be done and if someone has foud a way to stop this from happing please post it so we all can enjoy our phones again. (TICKED OFF IN CANADA)

  21. Nathalie

    Well, I also got a problem with the 604-550-7000 but a different one than yours. One day, I was not home, a man speaking english called for me but did not leave a message so I can’t know who it was. I called to know who was the last caller (cause he was) and it gave me this number…But this man asked for me and there is not a lot of people I know who speak english. So I asked a frined in Barbados if he called me (I am in Canada) and it was!!! He called me from Barbados but the phone number was this 604 number from British Columbia (He called from his cell and the area code is 246!!)!!!! I have no clue what this is, maybe kind of a dispatcher for international calls………But what I know is that it is not necessarily unsollicited calls, it was my friend! So now I don’t know if I should answer or not. Crazy thing….

  22. Chris

    RE: Area Code 179, this area codde is assigned to Vonage. The link to a news story is

    After offering subscribers the option of choosing 179 area codes in 40 states, regardless of where subscribers are located, Vonage took another step Wednesday towards rendering area codes obsolete by offering to eliminate them entirely. “Many [subscribers] have been asking for seven-digit dialing to make it easier and quicker to dial local friends and family,” said Vonage chairman and CEO Jeffrey Citron in a statement.

    The Indian company with the 179-336-80820 is using Voice of IP (Internet Telephone) technology to cheaply connect India and North America.

    without getting to technical, it is possible for commercial telephone plans to post a different number on the csll display from the actual number. Call centres use this to get 1000s of numbers onto one Call display line. In this instance, Vonage handles the phone call from India to North America over the internet and converts to a POTS (translation: Plain Old Telephone Service) line in North America. The real phone number Vonage is using is masked an 179-336-0820 is displayed.

  23. JAG

    Chris, I think you are mistaken about one thing — “After offering subscribers the option of choosing 179 area codes in 40 states, regardless of where subscribers are located,” — this means subscribers can choose from one hundred and seventy-nine different area codes across the country, not area code 1-7-9.

    Talk to your local phone company about specific number blocking… that’s what I did after getting repeated calls from these same numbers.

  24. Meg

    It’s midnight in Toronto and I just received 6 phone calls in a row from +852-604-550-7000. I generally dont answer my cell phone if i dont recognize the number if it seems questionable, (like this one with 13 digits) or long distance mostly because only people I know have the number and are local… Nothing came up in the reverse number directory and it just kept calling and calling… so I Googled the number and found myself here. Yesterday I got a call from 610-077-76 … only 8 digits… it’s annoying as hell.

  25. Norma

    Many of my business customers have also been contacted by 179-336-0280 and they have been told they are speaking with Google and that for 75/month they will be guaranteed page 1 on Google in the top 5 position for their local area.I have had my clients confront them on this any they do back down but not without an arguement….imagine if you could buy placement on Google for 75/m guaranteed….maybe Goggle should know how they are being misrepresented in Ontario Canada

  26. Viny

    I am in Toronto. Today, I got a call on my cell from 604-550-7000. Did not answer and typed in to check who could be calling and found so many websites reporting this number as scam. Well good for me.

    Thanks to everyone who took out time to post their experiences.

  27. kit kat

    I’m in BC and just missed a call on my cell phone from +336045507000…(33 is the country code for France, the rest is like a local BC number) After reading these forums, I don’t know what to make of it..

    It would not be unusual for me to receive calls from France as I have friends there. However I would not expect to hear from telemarketers as my number is unlisted.

    I’m wondering if it’s not some kind of general carrier number for international calls… from Web postings I’ve read it seems to crop up prefixed with a variety of country codes.

  28. Dan

    Well here’s the answer for everyone

    You know those useless twits with the dumb adds ad Vonage?

    Well, it seems that they will sell anyone, anywhere in the world a telephone number with area code 179, BASTARDS!

    Check out this story on TechWeb, I’m sure we’ll all hear more in the weeks to come.


    Oh Yeah

    The Ramada Resorts scam

    Really creative bit of work there.

    I had to deal with this arrogant twat who actually got pissed off at me for refusing to give hime a credit card number.

    Hang up, call your phone company and lodge a complaint.

    They wont do anything but it will make you feel a bit better.

    Same advice goes for the 179 area code thing, ask them to block it for you.



  29. Trish

    Received 3 calls from 719 #, was at work and no one left any messages; and decided to do a search on the area code and it brought me to this website, thank god for this site for other viewers to be aware of these pricks.

    I would just advise ppl not to answer the phone when this phone # pops up…


    I also live in Canada, and I recently got a call from 179-336-0016 on my call display, this area code is very difficult to track down, found it with google though. I certainly hope they call back so I can call them on their phone scam, if that’s their intent. If anyone has any ideas how to prevent further calls like this would be appreciated.

  30. ANNA

    I’m in Ottawa.

    Like others I’ve just recieved multiple calls today from (179) 336-0016. Thx to this site I think I’ve been able to get them to stop, kmowing the call originated from India.

    I encourage you to report these (and other) calls to Phonebusters at

    Established in January of 1993, PhoneBusters is a national anti-fraud call centre jointly operated by the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. PhoneBusters plays a key role in educating the public about specific fraudulent telemarketing pitches. The call centre also plays a vital role in the collection and dissemination of victim evidence, statistics, documentation and tape recordings which are made available to outside law enforcement agencies.

    The original mandate of PhoneBusters was to prosecute key individuals in Ontario and Quebec involved in telemarketing fraud under the Criminal Code of Canada. Our mandate now also includes facilitating prosecution by United States agencies through extradition, and by the Competition Bureau under the Competition Act.

    PhoneBusters is the central agency in Canada that collects information on telemarketing, advanced fee fraud letters (Nigerian letters) and identity theft complaints. The information is disseminated to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The data collected at PhoneBusters is a valuable tool in evaluating the effects of various types of fraud on the public. It also helps to prevent future similar crimes from taking place.


    I have a question…how do these people got my phone number??? I`m not even listed in the White Pages!!


  31. DSSI

    Local Contact # for Digital Security.

    Re: DSSI India number (179-336-0280)

    This company is a legitimate

    Authorized ADT Dealer. For complaints

    related to Telemarketing, you may

    contact them at 1-877-818-3774 and ask

    to speak with the Telemarketing


  32. Shawn

    I received a call this afternoon when I was on my way out from +604-550-7000. I found it odd as I didn’t recognize the voice or number and I seldom give out my cell phone number to people. The person calling knew my name but didn’t know that it was me who answered the phone. I merely lied and said that I was out and they could call back later. I did the reverse phone number search and it came up blank. I checked google for the number and was brought here. If they call back tonight, I’ll talk to them and see what they want. They’ve made me curious now.

  33. Elisa

    Oh wow… I found this site trying to check out the area code of the number showing up on my caller ID. Well that’s retarded! I got a call from that cali # that ends with 7000. Thanx guys! It was a lot of help.

  34. Mike

    Hey, writing from Newfoundland, Canada.

    I’ve received 3 calls from 1-179-336-0280 today and chose not to naswer either until I checked the # out on the net, because like someone wrote in a previous post, who the hell calls from a 179 number?!

    Just a heads up that this thing is as far spread as the most eastern point of Canada too.

  35. Kimberly

    I live in western ontario, canada and have been receiving these calls for the past week and only one message was left on my voicemail and the woman sounded disoriented and sounded like I was the one calling her..she kept saying hello…hello who is this? It has become soooooo annoying so I decided to do a google check and came across this page. thanks for the heads up..

  36. Roisin

    I have had the 179-336-0280 number twice in the last two days… My mother picked up today and the person knew her name and started asking her if she was happy with her long distance carrier… she hung up on them… I am calling my phone company tomorrow to make sure nothings been changed and maybe get an unlisted number…

    thanks for the heads up.. i was wondering what kind of scam they were pulling.

  37. Maurie

    Yes…me too…

    Last 3 days, 7 calls that I have been at home for..Never answered them, and of course Googled to find the info and Voila !! this blog,,

    Thank you..

  38. Brad

    A friend of mine also got a call from 1-179-336-0280. Tried to sell him a “life-security” system. Took him 10 min to get rid of them. I think between what I hear about Vonage support (or lack thereof) and their help to fraudulent phone calls, there should be a news investigation or something on them.

  39. Jordan

    in the past few days i’ve had 1-179-226-0280 try to contact me as well. in fact, the last one was less than a half hour ago. i actually hope they’ll call again, because i want to have some fun with them.

  40. Tizzel

    I’ve been receiving calls from 179-336-0280 as well over the last 3 days. (About 20 times total)

    Whenever I answered there was no one there, so I decided to let the voice mail take it and they left a message.

    So when they called again I answered the phone pretending to be an answering machine (complete with the BEEP noise, hehehe) And amazingly someone started to leave a message.

    I then started to verbally assault this Mother F**ker. He said he was calling for Primus Canada. I then called Primus Canada and asked them if they used this number and they said they did not.

    At least I got a moral victory by telling that scammer where to shove the phone!

  41. Martin

    OMG I love the Internet…

    I got five ‘missed call’ messages on my mobile phone today. The tech at Rogers didn’t know squat and after a quick search on Google it took me here. Looks like the scammers are trying to call me as well.

    1 ‘missed call’ messages from +336045507000 (France) Others have received calls from this number it seems.

    5 ‘missed call’ messages from +251911873403 (Ethiopia) One time this number actually rang but since I don’t know anyone in Ethiopia I decided to ignore it.

  42. Mary

    Hey guys. Seems like it’s even in Saskatchewan! That’s Canada by the way. πŸ™‚ I’ve gotten so many calls from 179-336-0280, and since they won’t leave a message I was becoming quite concerned. Thanks for the help! -M

  43. ADT Sec. guest

    Perhaps the webmaster can post this contact info in a prominent place on the website as there are still endless new blogs on the page from people trying to get a hold of the 179-336-0280 Number. The Local Contact # for Digital Security (DSSI) India number is toll-free, 1-877-818-3774.

    This company is a legitimate

    Authorized ADT Dealer. For complaints

    related to Telemarketing, you may

    contact them at 1-877-818-3774 and ask

    to speak with the Telemarketing

    Supervisor. DSSI can also remove you from their call lists if you ask them to do so. I’ve posted their email above should you prefer to contact them by email. Hope this helps!

  44. Susan

    Today I received a call from 1-179-336-0016. I didn’t answer it, so an hour later they called back again. This time I picked up the phone and yelled into it…”Are you calling me from India!” They hung up immediately. So that seems to work.

  45. Kelly

    From Manitoba:

    This is totally cool/weird. I too spent forever trying to look up where 179-336-0280 is… then I searched on yahoo and this came up. I still find it strange that we’ve all had this call…

  46. Mike

    geez, I got these phone calls too. They are calling almost every hour. My caller id is showing the same 179-336-xxxx phone number too. I’m in Calgary, Canada. Damn I hate telemarketers πŸ™

  47. Leanna

    I’ve recieved almost twenty calls in the last four days from 1-179-336-0280. I now know that it’s from India, thanks to all you guys. I’m so glad I never picked up, it could be $200 reverse charges or something stupid like that. I too have my number unlisted and wonder how these prats have managed to contact me. It seems, though, that all of us have one thing in common… are we all from Canada? The majority of us seem to be. Perhaps, some one (a major department store, or some other fairly common business) has sold us out? I think it’s high time we do some REAL investigating. If any of you managed to find out who the real perpetrator is, I’m sure a lawsuit would make all our troubles worthwhile. πŸ˜‰

  48. Gerry B

    First time tonight – I have two lines and received three calls on both lines before answering my main line. The calls were from – you guessed it — 179-336-0016 –The last one that I answered said “Please don’t hang up, I will not try to sell you anyrthing. I presume you are the owner of the hosehold?” I replied – “No, I just rent and I don’t talk to telemarketeers from India.” and I hung up. Two minutes later my second line rang – caller ID – same thing.Come on guys and gals – how do we stop these criminals

  49. Gerry B

    Hay Johnnie – This comment Submission Error has ticked me off just as much as the phone calls.

    In an effort to curb malicious comment posting by abusive users, I’ve enabled a feature that requires a weblog commenter to wait a short amount of time before being able to post again. Please try to post your comment again in a short while. Thanks for your patience.

    You have a copy of my original, there is nothing malicious about it – the call is yours -print it or scrap it.

    Gerry B

  50. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Gerry. Sorry you’re ticked off!

    There is a filter that stops comments being added in very rapid succession but I think the time delay is only 20 seconds. I don’t get a copy of comments that hit this time delay.

    I’m not sure how this was triggered in your case as it appears your previous comment was made at 7.10am. If you have more information, please let me know.

    I used to get dozens, if not hundreds, of very ugly spam comments and I have to have pretty strong automatic filters to make sure they get headed off at the pass. I’m sorry you turned out to be a “false positive”.

  51. Marianne

    I found this at

    If you are having trouble with someone calling every few hours or a few times a day from a number in the 1-179-336-XXXX range you can take action. Originally posted at Johnnie Moore’s Weblog.

    Call 1-877-818-3774 this is the direct number for Digital Security (DSSI) India, which the 1-179-336-0280 number belongs to. Ask for the Telemarking Supervisor and have them remove your number from their list.

    I just had to do this because they called and let the phone ring 43 times.

    You can go one step farthur and contact ADT Customer Service line (800) 238-4459 and make a formal complaint againts this ADT Dealer out of India.


    I just posted above…and just called

    The guy actually was nice about it so don’t be afriad to call πŸ™‚

  52. Jen

    They just started calling me a few days ago. I accidently picked up today. I told him right out that I wasn’t going to buy anything and he YELLED at me “I’m not selling anything”,so I didn’t say a word to see what he would say, after a few seconds of silence he starts telling me that ADT had a promation for 3 months blah blah… so I yelled back that he was selling something, and hung up on him. Hope he calls back, as long as I am not the one paying the charges… ?

  53. Jen

    They just started calling me a few days ago. I accidently picked up today. I told him right out that I wasn’t going to buy anything and he YELLED at me “I’m not selling anything”,so I didn’t say a word to see what he would say, after a few seconds of silence he starts telling me that ADT had a promation for 3 months blah blah… so I yelled back that he was selling something, and hung up on him. Hope he calls back, as long as I am not the one paying the charges… ?

  54. T

    I’m reading through the comments here, and I’m laughing because I too, found this site trying to look up the 179 area code. I just got a call from that number 10 minutes ago, and when I answered I got a recorded message saying: “please hold on, we have an important message for you”. Of course I hung up right away!

  55. Rebecca

    Some of you people need to get a life, Im sure they call you various times during the day but, People are just doing there jobs, whats the harm in that. They are trying to provide safety and medical attention to people all over canada. 1-179-336-0280

  56. halifaxhoney

    I received a call on my cell phone today and the number displayed was (604) 550-7000. I answered and it was a colleague in Paris calling from his home phone.

    So clearly, this so-called “mystery” number can come up with legitimate calls. I suspect its just a “carrier number” that displays for incoming long-distance calls, perhaps depending on the caller’s phone company.


    From Primus Canada:


    There you have it!


    I just recieved this phone call today and googled the number.

    All it was when I answered the phone it was dead air.

  57. Shae

    I just received a call from the 179 336 0280 number and tried to block it from my Call Screening option and I got a response saying “We are sorry the number you have entered is not avaibile for this service” So you can’t even block it yourself.

  58. Dini

    I just got a call from 905 361 8349 its 12:41AM and no one talked but i hurd some one handup the phone, and its the 3rd time that this number called my hause. and i think is kind of scarey cuz he only calles at night like after midnight so if any one knows who or what is it can let me know pleas at….thanks so mutch have a good day/night lol

  59. A.J

    We have also been getting phone calls from 719-336-0280. We never answered the calls because it seemed too weird. We contacted our phone company and they couldn’t even tell us where the number was calling from. Thanks to this website now we know.

  60. Jon

    I received a call from the 416-398-1111 number last night AT 3 A.M. IN THE MORNING. I am very upset about this, since I was sleeping at the time and I don’t appreciate getting calls this late. I googled the number this morning and found this website. Any thoughts on what I can do about this?

  61. Db

    Or maybe The big telcos like Bell generate these spam calls through their own “agents” that force people to pay for Call Restrict or Call Screen options on their monthly phone bill. Someone should check this out.

  62. Kelly

    Just got a call from the 179-336-0280 – 9pm at night. They have been calling me for months, but I never answered before. I answered it by saying.. “stop calling me.” They asked me if I was the Mrs.. I said “No that’s my mother”. They asked me if I wanted to save on my MTS bill.. which is the phone company for Manitoba, Canada. I said no, I wasn’t interested and THE GUY GOT MAD AT ME! Asked my why I wouldn’t want to save money.. I said “I’m not interested right now” and then he hung up on me! What the heck..

  63. Shannn

    I’m in Saskatchewan and have been gettng calls at all times of the day and night from 179-336-0280 and haven’t answered them as I didn’t recognize the number.

    I had a call from Ontario a few months ago saying that I had won a trip to Florida. They asked what credit card I would like to secure the trip with . . . I told them that I didn’t use a credit card. The response was that I then didn’t qualify. Very suspicious.

    Now I am getting these new calls — I’m sure that there is a connection and am glad to have found this forum via a google search of the number.

    About a week before the trip call I had been encouraged to fill out a draw for a trip at a trade show. I’m sure that is where they got my information.


  64. Darrell

    yeah me tonight i come home and look at the phone and the 176 number so what i do at work pull up google and search area code i hope the call when im home ill have a feild day thanks for the heads up

  65. Jason

    I live in Paradise, NL. My Wife and I have only had our number for under 3 months. The last few days I have seen 1-179-336-0016 on our caller ID. I googled it and this is the only site I found refrencing it.

    Also having calls from 866-753-0073 (thinking it was bank or something). No answer and seeing it is a 866 number, I called. Says can’t be completed. Just strange.

    We were at work and did not answer when these calls came in.

    I emailed and reported it as odd. I encourage all to do the same. From now on, I will not call unless there is a voice mail..

  66. Joey - Toronto, Canada

    Wow… folks… I can’t believe they are telemarketing so massively across North America from INDIA! Shiesh… For the past week, I keep getting calls from 179-336-0016… and tonight, I was actually home to answer, but got dead air for 30 seconds before it disconnected.

    I tell ya… I am ever so grateful for blogs like this… usually more helpful than the phone company.

    Here is the fun part… I’ve tried calling back the number (using various LD codes – 001, 1, etc) and I keep getting a prerecorded message “number is not valid” (etc)…

    Go figure… I wish they would ban telemarketers… I honestly don’t know a single person who’s ever bought from one (or atleast admits to it). I usually just tell the person “oh, I’m in the business, please remove me from your lists”… works every time.

    Now to figure out a way to get the other companies that do different things to understand that “I’m in their business too…” πŸ™‚



  67. KeithT in Winnipeg

    And of course, I too have been getting calls from this same number, which lead me too to google, and directly to this website.

    It is nice to know what the calls are about.

    I’ve also been getting repeated calls leaving these numbers on my call display:



  68. Lois

    I have had 3 calls in the past week, two from 179-336-0016 and one from 179-336-0280. How do they get a person’s telephone number?

    This is very disturbing. I have never been home to answer, and no message is ever left. I could not find the area code, and when I dialed back, it told me I must dial one and the AREA CODE before the 10 digit number. I was thinking 179 may be a country code, – this is scary. Again, what do they want and how do they find you?

    Thank goodness for this page, I just entered the # on a search and came up with you folks. I see they are hitting my part of the country

  69. Lois in Winnipeg

    I just added the last entry today and noticed after reading through everyones comments that ADT keeps coming up.

    We have an ADT alarm installed in my office and I am the primary contact person.

    Could it be connected? ADT is out of Calgary

    Also, I too notified phonebusters.

  70. Ernie

    Did anyone know you can buy a cd that contains all customer phone numbers a phone company has… listed or not? A friend of mine worked for a reposession company here in Manitoba where the company bought one from MTS. How do you think repo guys find delinquents!

  71. Ashley

    i’m in winnipeg, and i also got the call from the 179-336-0016… i receive this call probably about 4-6 times a week for the past 4 weeks or so… what’s up with this??? Haha, i can’t believe the amount of people that are in the same boat as me. I’ve never answered the phone though…

  72. Jason

    Keith T quoted the above


    Area code 179 is actually the State of Montana, USA.

    However, it is possible for calls to be routed over the internet or a private communications line from India to Montana.


    If you read the page closley, that is a statistic for pupulation per website… 179 people for every website or something like that. The page says Areacode, because there is a table in it that breaks down per area code as well.

    Keep up the good work on the research, but MT, is not Area code 179.

  73. Corey

    For Primus, I just called them and they told me to send email to Executive Response about this. The email address is I think everyone should send an email expressing our displeasure in being called several times a day, by some foreigner who barely can speak english _after_ they have been told not to call back.


  74. Tel Lineman

    I work for a Major telco in Canada, I also got the number on my display 179-336-0016. There is no area code that will ever start with “1” I’m trying to track it down.

  75. George

    I located in Toronto and just got a call from 905 361 8349 this afternoon. There was nobody on the other end…just dead air. My number is unlisted and am also a customer of Primus for long distance. Sure glad the call did not come in during the middle of the night as per one of the messages above.

  76. Sarah

    I found this at

    If you are having trouble with someone calling every few hours or a few times a day from a number in the 1-179-336-XXXX range you can take action. Originally posted at Johnnie Moore’s Weblog.

    Call 1-877-818-3774 this is the direct number for Digital Security (DSSI) India, which the 1-179-336-0280 number belongs to. Ask for the Telemarking Supervisor and have them remove your number from their list.

    I just had to do this because they called and let the phone ring 43 times.

    You can go one step farthur and contact ADT Customer Service line (800) 238-4459 and make a formal complaint againts this ADT Dealer out of India.

    I just called this and the telemarketing supervisor was friendly and helpful and told me she took my phone number off the contact list. I guess we will see what happens.

    Try this… It might just be the answer to this problem we are all having… it takes two minutes!

  77. R

    I, too received a call from 179-336-0016 today (I am in Saskatchewan). I have seldom received unsolicited telephone calls since the time my telephone was installed 3 months ago. I guess I feel lucky that it was just a hang-up machine thing, and called at 2:04 PM!!


  78. TABZ

    hey,lemme help u guys if i can, in some way.

    I used to work in a call centre out here in India,as an Sales Manager.

    Now u getting calld from a particular number is cuz its a VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) phne line.thats why u dont get an india number tho u are being calld from India.I cant say much about all of u recieving a call from one particular number(179-336-0016),it must be belonging to a certain company that offers the service and a lotta small time call centres out here would be subscribing to them.

    Relating to the phne calls comin an unearthly hours and from people who speak shitty english,they from shitty call centres,who hire almost anyone who can speak english,however shitty it is,cuz they pay em less and charge the parent companies more.The big corprations on the other hand make it a point to make night shift calls(when its day in the US)so they dont catch u in sleep and irate u,and in turn not have u to buy thier products and also have a Quality team that checks whats spoken is right and ethical.

    Cuz of a few shity small timer out to make big money in the shortest while,the whole booming industry is out to suffer.

  79. tabz

    Oh yah,btw, dont sue me,if u mad,dont abuse me,its not my fault!!!!

    I hate em telemarketers too,mebbe thats why i dont work for a call centre no more…

    Btw any question that i can answer id be glad to πŸ™‚

  80. Lois in Winnipeg

    I posted 2 entries in November when I started to receive these 179-calls. They are continuing at a rate of 2 or more per day, during daytime hours

    On one or two occasions when I have decided to answer, its like no one is there. I hang up immediately Please….what do I do to get these calls to stop? It is creeping me out! Is my phone service able to block these, and who does this belong to? Primus, ADT, ???Anyone have a suggestion?

  81. Damon

    I just got the call from 604-550-7000 so I looked it up and got here. I was more interested to find reference to the Ramada resort scam. I got that call last month.

    I had no intention of buying but I talked to them for 45 minutes (I was at work…wasting my time and theirs). They told me all about it and I mentioned that with the new security measures for Canadians to enter the US it would not be worthwhile. He assured me that MANY Canadians are snapping up this package and he has only a few left.

    He then asked for my credit card # and I told him that it was in my wife’s name. He responded with “Oh, no problem, we will put the package in both your names.” I was astonished. Not my credit card but feel free to use it.

    So I avoided a while longer and he kept pushing and pushing and then the “Supervisor” came on and pushed some more.

    I responded with “If SOOOO many Canadians are snapping up the package and you only havea few left, WHY, WHY, WHY are you so desperate to sign me up…call the next sucker please.

    They came up with “but YOU have won the package and I want YOU to benefit from this offer.” I just told him his sales pitch was good but he can go fishing elsewhere.

    DON’T BUY IT! If they will take anyones credit card number without consent they are a SCAM.

    Damon in Saskatchewan

  82. Saskatchewan Man

    I just got a call from 905-361-8349

    I answered this as a beep on my cell phone. I could hear noise in the back ground as in a bar or out somewhere. I then hung up as no one would answer. Then got another call from same number right after, I answered and this time I heard a conversation, but again they wouldnt really answer. They would say hello hello, but nothing more, so I hung up. They called back 3 more times but I did not answer anymore.

    I am also from Saskatchewan ….. not too sure why all these calls are being made here. Maybe they are actually from here… well hope they stop.

  83. tim kitchin

    Just realized now they had phoned my home phone line a few days earlier. Didn’t think much of it at the time because I get lots of telemarketing on that phone. All I got was one call from 905-361-8349 , I wasnt home so they left a message, but of course there was nothing to listen to.

    But now, as my post above states, I am getting multiple calls on my cell phone from this number. I just got another one as I write this. Not sure what this is all about.


    This comment trail is absolutely staggering!

    These are ‘silent calls’ in the telemarketing trade. Abhorrent.

    I think you can fix this with a Telezapper, no?


  84. Saskatchewan Man

    ya, I am not too worried about it. Just didnt see why all the people are getting calls from the same numbers. Also when I did answer I heard young people talking in the back ground. What kind of telemarketing keeps calling back. Like 6 times right after each other.

  85. Saskatchewan Man

    Ignore all the comments I have made. I have found out who is calling me. I know the person. They are from the Cayman Islands. For some reason the number shows up as the 905-361-8349 that others have had. There was a problem with the connection, thats why i couldnt get an answer.

  86. Jack Yan

    I had posted above about the Ramada Scam and just last night I got the call from 011 79 363 0280.

    The lady knew my name and said she was calling on behalf of Primus Canada. I told her I had done research on the internet on this phone number and I knew it was a scam. She explained that it is NOT a scam and they are trying to save me money on long distance.

    I asked her if she was calling from India (by the way I got the call at 9:30 PM) and she said yes she was calling from India. I asked her, quite rudely, “Why is Primus CANADA using India for their telemarketing?” She responded with…”How much are you currently paying for long distance per month?”

    I said “nothing, we get free long distance in Saskatchewan.” She said “Surely you must be paying atleast 5 dollars per month”

    I responded with, “Look, you’re going to get any of the personal information you’re fishing for so stop now, I am calling Primus to inform them of your scam so you should probably stop now.”

    She just responded with “Ok sir, thank you for your time.”



    Well handled, Damon. I hope as word of this gets out, others will be able to deal with intrusions into their lives. I had to get unlisted from the directoriesβ€”but some people still find me because they claim to call random numbers.

  87. Kat

    I just received a phone call from the infamous number 179-336-0280 and got online to find out who it was. The call sounded like a walkie-talkie message put through a blender, so I just hung up on the man. The 179 also threw me off, too, but then realized that it is actually long distance and the country code. 1 + 79 …etc. The country is Ahmedabad or Aracaju. Nice. Thought British Columbia had enough telephone solicitation of its own. Glad I found your website. Thanks.

  88. Kappy

    I had a call this morning for the 604-550-7000 number and when I asked if he was calling from Canada, he said he was calling from Florida. Then he went on to say that he was doing a survey for the oil & gas industry. Odd, as he then went on to ask about my investments. I told him he was calling a corporation and he got the message and hung up. . . finally.

    By the way, when I get telemarketing calls at home that seem to be autodialed, I often just put the phone down until a dial tone comes on–> I figure they might discontinue calling if they rack up alot of charges for the long distance call. There’s a big difference between charges for a hang-up and 5-10 minutes of open line.

  89. ~K

    It’s a phone tap…remember the recent controversy that happened in the Senate not too long ago??? Have any of you made any international calls or have received any international calls from your cell or home phone??? THINK ABOUT IT…then again it can be fraud. Yes, I got the call today on my cell, and I was on an International call.



  90. Olympia

    I received two calls from the 1-604-550-7000 number, however unlike anyone else, this was a legitimate call from my mother. The call said British Columbia however she was calling from Barbados using a cell phone that has calling card minutes. So…………….

  91. katie

    i got a call from 441-793-886679 i googled it and got Bermuda, but thats it. it’s a 12 digit number i dont know how its possible. i didnt answer it, and i dont know anyone in bermuda right now so i dont know who it could be.

  92. guest

    I got a call on my cellphone from 604-550-7000 and 416-503-2984. As well as a “No Number”. I missed all 3 calls. I am in Toronto.

  93. Canadian

    Newmarket, Canada:

    We had a call from 1-604-550-7000 and so happened to be a ligitemate long distance call from Japan(we have familly)using a phone card. I did Google the number based on area code and here I am.

    I have read this site with interest and came to conclusion that the telemarketers are using general longdistance cards to make their pitch I think that is why we are confused about dual fuction of this number.

    I want to make a point about the Indian calls with dead air. This could be as number confirmation, The person calls to confirm the number is valid and matches the name on the list with the voice on the phone, I think then the confirmed list is sold with some sort of a guarantee to telemarkeres in India.

    I guess I will be a regular reader from now on.

    On a separate note; I always tell telemarketers to give me their home number and I will call them to discuss the sale. I tell them why they call my home to make a sale?

    Good luck everyone..

  94. N C Longley

    I Received a call today (I am in Sheffield, UK) and when I picked the receiver up there was silence, and when I did the 1471 ringback facility, it read back 001 604 550 7000. Did not ring back after reading this info. Is it a scam?

  95. Oliver

    again thanks Google for the extensive websearch…

    I got a call today from : 905-361-8349 me too. 3 times. The third was the good one. Actually, my girlfriend is using a calling card from Iran to call me in Canada and, for the first time, I can see a canadian phone number displayed on my cell. Usually I had a +1213… kind of number.

    So she told me she just bought a different calling card.

    Of course, some people also received calls with this phone number (905-361-8349) and nobody was talking. The explanation I got from these posts is that the phone number is some number that people pay a telecom provider for blocking their id. And there are usual phone numbers used for this purpose (such as 416-398-1111, 604-550-7000, 604-629-2009. Cf Kit Kat’s post)

    By the way, when I called back this number, I could not hear anything, not any sound (which now appears as normal since I know it was her calling me with her calling card).

    Regarding e-mails, I know a tool which is really exceptionnal: it gives more control and security over your e-mail communications, . Its name is Mail it Safe. Go and try it!

    Take care guys and be safe! πŸ˜‰

  96. beverly Adams

    Some of the numbers that have called me in the a.m. 215-579-8600, 416-398-1111, 513-699-2334,and 718-487-1050. I have my number on the no-call list but guess it doesn’t work. I didnot answer any of the calls.

  97. Jay

    i keep getting calls after midnight until 3 AM from 905-361-8349

    i called bell, but they said its not a bell number and so there is nothing they can do.

    what can i do to make them stop calling????!!

  98. Anon

    Has anyone else been getting calls from a Queens NY phone number 718-487-1050? I’m getting multiple calls a day, never any message left and when I call back it asks for an authorization code. Anyone else having trouble with this number?

  99. Victoria

    I just had a call from 718-487-1050!!!!! How do you stop shit like this?!!!!!! I do not like my cell phone # used by telemarketers. What next door to door marketing ……. then I could slap the shitty english out of their mouths!! That would make me feel better!! πŸ™‚

  100. vic

    Sorry but I find this phone spam thing really boring…do any of you actualy get any usefull feedback from postings on this?

  101. usadd

    I had a call from 718-487-1050 but it was a person i know..i mean i met her online and she toled me that she is a flight attendant and that she were in ny waiting on a flight…she called my couple of times from that same number…but there is something wrong and i think the person is lying…i googled the number and came accross this blog…

  102. Fluter

    I got two calls just tonight (between 8-9pm) from (718) 487-1050. I googled it & of course found this… the second time they called I picked it up & starting typing tons of numbers into the phone to make them thing the number was messed up. I used to get calls from an Iowa number that I found out was a telemarketer & did the same thing & they stopped calling. Ha.

  103. Eugene

    I am receving calls from (905)361-8349 every day between 8pm to 12pm and they are using my personal name and data

    When I ma asking to stop it they call nex day 10 to 20 times a day

    Haw governmet can alowd this proceder?

  104. Erin

    The number 718-487-1050 is, indeed, the number of a phone card company. I know someone who uses it to make both long distance and international calls.

  105. Amanda

    Mississauga, Ontario Got a call last night from 905-361-8349(off caller id). He said he was from bell and that I had been selected as a valued customer to try the bell highspeed internet for 1 month for free and they would send me out a modem to hook it up. He had my personal information: Name, Address and Date of Birth. It seemed ligitamate to me because he gave me my maiden name and my bell account is the ONLY thing I left in my maiden name after getting married years ago. But then he asked me for my creditcard number and when I wouldn’t give it to him he became angry and hung up. I called bell and they said this has nothing to do with them and were falsly represented and a reverse look up showed the carrier is “Allstream” based in mississauga. If I call the number back it goes to a voice mail of “Bill Dunbar”. It scares me to think how many people probably did give him the credit card #!!!!

  106. dana

    I’m glad I found this web.

    This morning at 2:00 I recieved a call from +336045507000. This company who are making phone spam are really bulshit! It wakes me up but good thing is the phone stops ringing before I answer it.

    I’m glad I found this web to share this. Let’s beware of all this scam!!


  107. Eddie in Ontario

    My office has been getting 1-2 calls per day from 800-544-9052 for several months now. Googling for the number brought me here and to Juju’s Bowl (which KeithT linked to above —

    We’ve reported the number to Bell Canada, but they can’t do anything about it.

    We’ve now reported the number to the CRTC using the online complaint system at: Since it’s an American company, I’m not sure how much good it will do, but it might be worthwhile for others to do the same.

  108. Terri-Ann

    I have also received a call from 800-544-9052 on my cell phone. I did a search for them on the web and ended up here. Does anyone know who they are and how they got a hold of my cell phone number?

  109. Cristina

    I just got a call a little while ago from 166-112-8281. I didn’t answer it and there was no message. I tried to call it back and it was an error message. How annoying.

  110. Stella

    I just received a call from 604 550 7000 to my home phone several times today.

    For the first few times, I didn’t mind the calls; thinking maybe it was a wrong number. But they called more than 5 times now.

    Is this a scam? What do I do?

  111. kate

    my roomate just bought a trip to florida from a telemarketer today, some awesome deal. riiiiight, just give us your credit card this minute and no you cant call us back, have to decide now.

    im pissed because the phone is in my name, so now im going to have hundreds more of these stupid telemarketers calling me because she fell for the scam.

  112. Lingo user

    I use Lingo VOIP phone, and when I called a friend in Europe today, his phone showed caller ID was +604-550-7000 on my first call (just garbled ring sound so I hung up before he answered), and my real number on my second call (which was fine quality). Here’s a piece from DSL Reports:

  113. Remco

    Some time ago I received some unsollicited commercial phone calls on my mobile phone. The number in my screen was +1-604-550-7000. The machine at the other end offered some kind of lottery tickets. Anyway, they stopped soon enough.

    Today, however, I was browsing the addressbook in my phone, and it showed an entry for ‘J’. I never store any contact under just one character, so I checked it. Guess what! Yes, that’s right: it was +1-604-550-7000. It somehow found its way to my addresbook…

    Of course, the most rational thing to think is that I have inadvertently stored the number myself. But that’s not easily done.

  114. DynamiComputing

    I just answered a call from 718-487-1050 to my business phone. Whoever it was replied, “Hey [my name]!” I’m very wary of long distance callers with unknown numbers, particularly when they know my name. I responded with, “May I ask who’s calling?” He said, “Who’s this?” I replied, “Who’s this!” At that point the caller hung up.

  115. mathieu

    i answered a call from 416-398-1111. by the caller ask my name and it was i girl…

    i was very suprise because the voice look like the same voice’s friend.

    Anyone have noticed something on the cost of this call on his bill?

    I received the call on my cellphone.

  116. kyle

    F**kers just called me at 12:00am so i tried to call back and “the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service” wtf tried the operator and she told me yeah out going callin only but 416-398-1111 said there gonna poo on my door step and sounded like George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer from the band CANNIBAL CORPSE caller ID said Ontario and im in BC sooooo yeah better hurry up if your gonna be here by 2:00am like you said you were going to be!!! retard

  117. Heena

    finally i found who call from 416-398-1111.

    it was my ex girlfriend. She call from Quebec city in residence of the university…


    I am getting repeated calls from 416-503-2984…and my caller ID displays it as number unavaible.

    I searched the number on and the person has not revealed any of his personal info. Apparently, the only choice i have is to block all ‘unavailable numbers’ because so far..I have recieved over 250 calls repeatdley.

  118. Natasha

    Many thanks for these leads. We get all of

    these numbers calling and more on our land

    line (in Toronto).

    Call display is a curse AND a blessing!

    The (416) 503-2984 number calls cyclically – on for a couple of months, and then off for a few.

    The number has been around for a long time tho’ … since 2003 at least.

    Johnnie: There is one number I haven’t seen in

    your logs but that we get calls from regularly.

    I’d appreciate any info you or your readers have:


    Keep up the good work!

  119. Kyle

    This number (1-800-544-9052) has called me 7 times in the last 2 days, on one occasion less than 20 minutes after the first call. This has brought me to a breaking point, this is insanity. Next time the phone rings and its that number, India won’t be the same.

    Anyways, thank you for the information regarding this and other annoying numbers. Keep it up and give them hell.

  120. me

    Got a call from 718-487-1050 last night. Called back for “laughs” and it asked for an authorization code. ::shrug:: seems like a phonecard too me.

  121. Z

    Got 2 calls from my relatives and 718-487-1050 showed up on caller ID…….i have feeling their using calling cards as mentioned above….

  122. chuck

    I called the 1-800-544-9052 back and blocked my # from them on their system . it took 20 seconds.


    i got a call from 718 487-1050 today. very weird. the person said it was my friend “*****” and i thought i recognized her voice. she lives in canada, so i didn’t recognize the number. i told her i would call her nack on her cell and she said okay. i called her cell and it wasn’t even turned on. so i googled the number and found this blog. the weird part was the person knew my name and sure sounded like my friend. i’m confused.

  123. annon.

    hmm… very wierd… my business keeps getting messages from the same 718-487-1050 number… i never answer it because i don’t know anyone that lives in that area code. it’s some guy with a heavy new york accent saying something about a promotion for some service like insurance or something…


    Now they are selling mortgages from 718-487-1050. Number will also show up as 51008. I kept em on the phone as long as I could. Told them to mail me the junk and gave them the address to the White House.

  125. Kidtee

    Okay weird I got a call from the same number a few time by a guy that swore he worked for a large company that dealt with high end celebs and his wife was an attorny.

    I am a photographer and they said they found me on

    They wanted fetish photos for a tickle fetish he even gave me links to check out other images.

    He was going to pay me alot of money to do the shoot and also buy about 10 grand worth of equipment.

    he called me again to tell me that we was going to have dinner and discuss the plan to shoot.

    even had me make a list of the Equipment.

    I never gave him my name or anything…. he only knew me by my online name…

    very strange, he was very detailed about what he wanted and everything….

    but he never gave me a call back or left a number to return the phone call…

    so I am guessing he got a phone card so I was unable to return the call…

    I am uncertain of why he would do this it makes no since…

    Seems like a very weird sick joke…

    I was so stupidly excited I thought I got a great paying photography job…



  126. me

    Hi all,

    your gonna h8 me but I work for a marketing company, phoning you guys up and trying to pester you in to buying my useless insurance crap.

    I Soooooooooo agree with you guys that this kind of marketing is annoying, intrusive and should be abolished. The sad fact is that i need to make a living and i happen to be quite good at it. The way I justify it to myself is by saying that every person i phone up and irritate is one more person that agrees with me and hates big corperations and telemarketing companies.

    I found this disscusion by accident and decided to give people a few pointers. Firstly, hanging up the phone isn’t rude. 90% of people do this and i don’t mind in the slightest. in fact I think to myself “he had the right idea.” We are encouraged to think that if the “consumer” doesn’t hang up then your garanteed a sale.

    Second, DONT get angry or abusive. Just hang up instead. If your rude to us there are all sorts of things we can do. We can schedule a callback, so you’ll get a call from us in the future, or we can even forward your number to other marketing campaigns, ensuring you get ten times as many calls per day than before. Don’t forget, we have all your details name, address and telephone number. I knew a guy who reguarly sends dog poo to a particuarly abusive customers. Remember, when you get verbally abused by people for a living it does strange things to your mind.In my experience telesales has more than its fair share of crazies.

    Third, we people WILL NOT take no for an answer. It’s not that were thick, but rather nagging and going on and on actually works! half the people we speak too (the ones that arn’t smart enough to hang up in the first 10 seconds) will cave in eventually and thats WHY we don’t take no for an answer. JUST HANG UP, DO NOT ENGAGE THE TELESALES AGENT IN ANY CONVERSATION OF ANY KIND.

    Fourth. We buy our numbers from a Data Mining company. I am not allowed to know who this company is. Our company agrees upon buying a database that it will not reveal the supplier. These companie callously sell YOUR details and take the money home as profit (that’s right kids, you don’t even get a cut!!!) the reason why telemarketing is so common is because it WORKS. You cant blame a company for using a tried and proven marketing technique.

    Instead blame the data company. They are the real key to stopping this god awfull practice. Find out who they are and bombard them (and your local government official) with letters and phone calls. the only way scum like this will stop doing what there doing is if YOU stop them. So go out there and picket the data company (and if you feel like it you might also want to send a little dog poo in the direction of the directors. They hate that!).

    Finally before you bombard me with flames, i consider myself to be a workplace radical. The ONLY reason why I work there is to stir up as much shit as possible and hopefully grind the company to a halt. I undermine the heirarchy, spread malicious rumors about management, encourage people to handle disputes with management collectively, and hand out literature about employment legislation to my collegues. All this and more. I dont last very long in jobs and it wont be long before this company realises what im trying to do and gets rid. When this happens I go into overdrive and start attacking the company FOR REAL!

    So don’t you worry guys, there are plenty of us on the inside fighting your corner.

  127. Sean Hartig

    Just got the same call from the 718 number.He actually giot very rude with me. If anyone knows more about this number or scam please post

  128. mozillaman

    Also seems anyone with cheep long distance shows up as 416 398 1111.

    A friend called with this number showing up and left a message, quality was so bad we couldn’t determine who is was.


  129. Brad Jones

    +49669390185 – Apparently the number is coming from Frankfurt Germany! Biggest SPAM.


    I got a call from 718-487-1050 on my business line and when I answered they said “is Brad there?” when I answered speaking, the guy hit 2 buttons on the phone pad and hung up.

    I was afraid that I might have been hit with my phone account being switched or something like that.

    I too tried to call it back and it asked for the authorization code.

  130. N.O.Y.B.

    Nice, like a lot of you guys, I tried to google the number 001 604 550 7000 and stumbled upon this site. Well, I do look forward to have some fun with those guys. I have a routine, asking them their first name (to build up a relation), then where they live. Once those answers are in, I tell them I’m in marketing, too, and that I have a fabulous item on sale, right now (it’s a bridge over the river Rhine, in Switzerland). If they are thrown off by my reply, I start asking about their supervisor, whether he would be interested. It goes ALL downhill from there…

    They steal my time, I goof around, after all, it is their money.


    Treat life as a game that you can’t loose

  131. Alex in Toronto, ON CANADA

    I just got a call that displayed 1-604-550-7000 but the call was from a friend in Chile and not a sleasy scammer or telemarketer. I find it odd that their actual household phone number was not displayed since they do not have a unpublished phone number and they called from their actual land based phone.

  132. dyslexik

    The calls are US NSA initiated. USA Today reported that in response to the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth secretly provided records on tens of millions of customers’ phone calls to the National Security Agency. They are calling numbers to verify that the name belongs to the numbers. Once you answer the operator calling and confirm that you are the one they are asking for your number is tagged. The NSA now has a phone number and a confirmed named to match. They have been using this tactic to bait long distance callers. The only advice is to hang up as soon as you hear a faint click. The click is a computer dialing the calls and as soon as you speak the computer transfers the call to an operator. Don’t even engage in a conversation. You will end up confirming that the number they called belongs to the person listed. This is not a scam it is the end to privacy.


    7901 JONES BRANCH DRIVE, SUITE 900 β€’ MCLEAN, VA 22102 β€’ 703.902.2800


    They get your info from Blockbuster video rentals.

    As well Visa is really bad for selling your info to telemarketing companies. Mastercard in canada has a policy against selling info to marketing companies.

  133. Brown

    When you get these types of calls, consider participating in web sites that allow to log telemarketing calls, such Make it easier to find out who is calling. You can even guess who might have sold the data by reading the comments people leave.

  134. Laetitia & Pete

    Hey, we are ice climbing in Alberta and have been getting these calls on our UK mobile too! So happy to find your blog to discover what they are. We can’t access our UK answerphone from here! Big thanks.

  135. Ankur

    grow up ppl, just because someone calls from india dosent mean they are going to be fraud! like everyone from the US dosent ride a tank u know πŸ˜‰

  136. mpatz

    800notes is a very poor attempt to duplicate another website which has been around for a longer time, lists far more phone numbers and many more entries per number from people who received unwanted calls.

    Save your time and skip 800notes. Go to instead. No affiliation with the site or its creator, just an often satisfied user.

  137. annoyed in sd

    Just got a call from 179-360-8700. I didn’t answer because I was suspicious of the 179 area code. When I googled the 179 area code, it led me here. Thanks to everyone for posting the suspect numbers. I’m hoping that if more people communicate about this, we can get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution.

    BTW, I googled the complete number (179-360-8700), but came up empty — so this may be a new source of scam calls. If anyone else gets calls from this number, please post. Thanks!

  138. PO'd

    818-333-2670 First National Information Network

    overschedules the predictive dialer so that most recipients will get dead air if they answer

    ignores the (US) Federal Do Not Call Registry, and lies about it – if you can ever get through to anybody to ask.

    branch/division/subsidiary of both companies are located at

    3500 West Magnolia Boulevard

    Burbank, California 91505

    ceo is mark savoy

  139. marsbars

    Weird that this number has made its way to so many people … its 2007 and there are postings here for this very number since 2005!!!! I was called from france today… 336-045-507000 … I dont know anyone in France… let alone anyone visiting the area… weird call… quickly hung up… googled it… and found that I’m not the only one to have received the call either! Strange ~~

  140. Darrel

    I have received 3 calls from this 818-333-2670 number and was hung up on all three times. This is so annoying! So, I have done a little looking around and found this site of fellow annoyed individuals. One site I found showed that the number is associated with a company FNIN shown above. So I did some digging into their website and server.

    1. They have a DSL line to their office in Burbank CA. (Near Los Angeles)

    2. They have a dedicated IP Address

    3. There are about 34 Domain Names that point to this same IP address as FNIN.COM. All found through DNS Records. The list is shown below.

    Lastly I found that there are several interconnected people with these companies. this is where many of First National’s domains were registered. The Administrative Contact to many of FNIN’s domains is this is the owner of Domain Registry. This same person is co owner of Edit-Solutions, a web hosting company having a US and Asia address.

    I could probably connect many other dots and obtain other phone numbers but it all takes valuable time. If there is enough demand I will get it all together in one document and email it to you.

    Here is the list of the domains that are all pointing to the Server.



    On Demand Data


    Related Domains:

  141. Kate

    I have just received a missed call from the same number in France that other people have mentioned. I cant believe either that it has been going on since 2005 and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  142. Alexandre

    I’am in montreal… And I juste received at 13h46 a missed call from 336045507000… It’s so weird that I received the same call that Kit Kat received… 2 years later

  143. chantal

    Just received yet another call from these guys. They actually talked to me this time. I guess their predictive dialer was not overloaded. Now they didn’t try to sell me anything but wanted to send me some info about their product/service. This is probably how they get around the do not call registry thing. Not sure how they got my number but they knew my name. Probably a business listing somewhere.

    Nonetheless telemarketers are annoying losers! Really Annoying! I hope they are all shutdown. No matter what they claim they are NOT doing.



    On Demand Data



    Hi I have a question. My Husbands is filling a divorce and he is living in Germany. At the moment he doesn’t want to say where he is and when he is calling this number shows up 1 604 550 7000. How is it possible. His he in USA!

    Does anybody have an idea.



  144. Dayana


    He is probably calling with a prepaid calling card. That is you call a toll free number and enter the phone number you are calling and then your calling card number. then the system picks a phone line for the outbound call which just might be that number you get on Caller ID.



    On Demand Data


    I received a call from a good friend from +336045507000 it turns out is a conecting phone number for international calls.

  145. Seb

    I had a lot of phone numbers like you all has

    +336 045 550 7000

    223 912 1495

    909 212 517 8453

    339 528 077 54

    432 453 191

    The last one, it was a french guy with an Arab accent who want to talk to a somecalled Harman..

    And they can’t call at a good moment.. Last night they called at 5:15 AM.. Can my cellphone provider do something to stop this ? I have received at least 15 calls from these numbers.

  146. SSD

    Thanks for the blog. Very helpful.

    I understood missed calls I received today. I got several calls from two different numbers.

    +251918789517 and +336045507000. I tried to answer and the phone gets disconnected as soon as you lift the phone.

  147. Michael


    Keep up the good work!”

    This is apparently a number belonging to “Club Intria West” which is a travel company. I get called, then hung up on immediately.

  148. Wega

    I got a callfrom +336045507000 exactly at 1.23 Am today and stopped ringing before i could answer. I guess this is a internationalcall routing number that teh phone companies use as a back door.

  149. lojzo222

    I found a missed call this morning on my cell from +336045507000 what is a strange number for france, because I used to live there and they have 10digit phone numbers, and thisone has 11 digits… 0

    and I received this call to my european cell number that only a dozen people know, while in Canada, so I didn’t pick it up in the middle of the night.

    Strange, from where did they get my number?

  150. Richard Campbell


    For those of you worried about 800-544-9052, it is an organization called ITC Group.

    Where do you find that? I called them back and then googled their corporate name from the voice mail.

    How to opt out?

    1. Be absolutely friendly, no chip, no anger–and smile (it comes across on the phone)

    2. Call 800-201-1085

    3. Listen to all the messages and then press zero.

    4. Ask nicely to speak to the compliance manager so you can opt out of their calling system. A little politeness goes a long way. Every day, people call them and give them a lot of grief and anger. Be different, putting them in the mood to help you opt out.

    5. Politely tell the compliance manager that you would like to opt out of recieving telephone calls from their group of companies. U.S. regulation covering opting out are very good on this.

    6. Tell them the number(s) you would like to be put on their no-call list.

    7. Chat with them while they go on-line and permanently block you out of their calling system.

    8. Be patient. it takes about 24 hours to clear your name out of the system

  151. Juan de los Santos

    Indeed,the 818 333 2670 number is nothing but telemarketers in India trying to resell you electricity at a “lower” price. This is a very questionable practice because they are just calling you to suggest you switch hoping to save you 1% over your energy costs. If you take the bait, after you switch you’ll realize that the savings are so negligible that they were not worth the switch. Then you’ll want to switch back to your original provider but all comes at a price.Suddenly, they’ll start sending you bills from two providers, not one. It’s messy.

  152. Jake Sherlock

    1-800-544-9052 is added to my list as a waste of time. All expenses paid eh? Mail me the tickets then we will see whos really talking.

    Our company here in BC Canada just set up our phone and are getting hit by this number, keep this one in mind.


  153. Jake Sherlock

    1-800-544-9052 is added to my list as a waste of time. All expenses paid eh? Mail me the tickets then we will see whos really talking.

    Our company here in BC Canada just set up our phone and are getting hit by this number, keep this one in mind.


  154. sarah




    all called me in a span of 5 minutes at 5 am … im now making my phone an unlisted number .. at 5 am you think its an emergancy when someone calls you .. not a hang up every time

  155. karen c.

    Ramada Resorts:

    800 203 9783

    I got a phone call from this company, but I want to say they are a legit company, your cruise is free, all you have to do is pay what they call govermental taxes, which i’m aware of because I am currently employed through Carnival Cruise Line, no one can get away from not paying the taxes, which is true, government imposses this to everyone, even I as an employee have to pay for my taxes.

    They have an extended package: that is where their making their money, because in reality who would want to pay for airfare to go to south florida for a 2 or 3 night cruise and not have a hotel stay? i was so close of just hanging up the phone, but considering the fact that this was there second time calling, i had time to sit back and listen.

    We have to take time out to know that nothing in life is just handed to you, I spoke to s upervisor by the name of Mr Elliot, very helpful, he told me- Karen, this is a business, your cruise is free, but all we are doing is offering a vacation package in Florida at a discounted price, while speaking to Mr Elliot i was looking up car rentals, hotels, calculating food for me and my husband we would be spending over $2,000 with airfare also. We saved money, and got away from our daily routine, it was fun and it was great once i spoke to my husband and he agreed!

    Sometime we maybe missing out on opportunity for fear, the calls from ADT in India, I’m sure are all legitimate- but there is outsourcing, Hello America lets wake up.

    These are people making the best of their resources by working in a call centre, whether its outbound, or inbound, its better than standing in the streets with a piece of cardboard asking for spare change


    I’ve had this call several times too. First time I told the guy that I use a Mac so his call was irrelevant. Few minutes later, he calls again. I told him to stop calling as it was getting quite irritating. The next call he got really creepy and shouted expletives down the phone. A few hours pass and he calls again. He changed slightly and asked to speak to my husband or father. I asked him why and he replies, “because they are ****ers” : / At this point, my younger brother and I just wanted to wind the guy up and told him to read an article on The Register about the scam. He hasn’t called back since πŸ™‚ I use this to know who was this person,


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