Polychronic (instead of just chronic)

Euan Semple blogged Teemu Arina‘s lucid presentation on the social web in support of informal learning.

Teemu cites Lev Vygotsky’s notion that “all higher understanding is dialogic by nature”.

I love it when he talks about a customised interface for World of Warcraft:

This is the best project management interface ever created. If you look at the tools in your organisation they are very primitive compared to World of Warcraft…what young people are able to achieve with this interface. And when they go to working lives they expect to run their companies like this.

… if only because it allows to me rationalise my own addiction to WoW.

Teemu talks about people creating a Personal Learning Environment, not provided by the institution:

This is not something that goes very well this informal learning thing, with institution(al) thinking, centralised education.

He suggests we move from information technology (where information is the core) to interaction technology where information is a by-product…

Euan focussed on this chart:

which I liked as well. You could swap the word learning for branding and reach some interesting conclusions too.

Finally, I liked Teemu’s point that people want your content in their space.

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