Portland in November

I’m going to be at the Applied Improv Network Conference this November in Portland, Oregon.

In fact I’m going to run a preconference day with Kay Scorah and Denzil Meyers. This will be based on the workshops Kay and I have run recently in London and Dublin.

We’re calling it Notice More, Change Less and here’s a snippet from the blurb:

In the organisational world, there is a prevailing idea that change is difficult and stressful, and that innovation is scarce and requires effortful management to succeed. A lot of people and businesses have a huge financial and psychological investment in this worldview.

And we used to as well. But after collective decades of working with people, and especially inspired by our experiences of improvisation, we’ve been wondering more and more…

What if change is easy?

(Regular readers will know that my kicker to change being easy is that it’s control that’s difficult)

There’s a whole stack of other stuff going at the conference including a day of Open Space on the closing Sunday. It would be fun to see you there.


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