Power corrupts

I think it corrupts deeply and instantly in ways we often don’t notice. And sometimes it becomes more obvious.

In the last 24 hours I’ve meed made aware of this, by Boing Boing: G20 police uses arrested student as trophy in group photo

… and this from Rob Paterson: Bra girl charged for posing as a Pc | More Heavy Hands?

Thank god that technology may help us see what is going on a little more clearly, however disturbing it may be.


3 thoughts on “Power corrupts

  1. laurent

    It reminds me of a book I read about Gandhi..in which he was quoted for not wanting power because he didn’t want his legitimacy to come from a system but from the people.

    He was saying that power is handed to you by the system, authority is earned through the people. Power is exchange for freedom and control (of whomever gets the power) which is the beginning of corruption….

    Extreme Power creates propaganda, repression and stiffens individuals.

    Thanks you can’t build too much power for too long as soon as people talk to each other about what they see, hear and experience.


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