I’m a terrible procrastinator. Or perhaps I should say I’m a very skilled one.

For the last couple of days I’ve been feeling a bit gloomy. And anxious about a variety of little unclosed loops in my world – little glitches in the flat unrun errands, resolving the existential puzzles of the meaning of life etc.

Yesterday, I gritted my teeth and closed one. The VAT return. This is one of those things with a high dread-to-effort ratio: I can spend hours feeling gloomy at the prospect yet it usually only takes an hour to do it – my record keeping is pretty good. Yesterday it took a couple of hours as it meant clearing all the paperwork from while I was away.

All the other loops in my life remain as open as ever. Yet today, I notice I feel so much happier. I don’t why, but it often surprises me that clearing one simple task can change the whole way I think about all the others…

3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Robert Paterson


    You have a soul mate. What is it about tax returns – easy really but we put them off and it feels awful

  2. Chris Corrigan


    I’ll post a comment later.


    Jeez Johnnie…anyone with a blog this good is a procrastinator par excellence!

    Off to do my tax return…not!


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