Rage Boy exuberant

Chris Locke aka Rage Boy is on top form today writing about the announcement of a new version of Internet Explorer. Let’s just say Chris is a bit sceptical about Microsoft and exuberant about Firefox.

I guess it’s just that I like a good firefight every once in a while. It clears the air. Like everybody in town getting wasted for carnival. I just went over to the IEBlog which I’d never even heard of before today and was rolling on the floor laughing at all the Firefox molotovs being tossed into that um conversation…

I knew the net was going to do this someday. I could feel it in my creaky old bones ten years ago, maybe 20. One day, I thought, some giant company is going to make some major announcement — or what it would like the world to believe is a major announcement — but the carefully crafted if utterly empty rhetoric will be drowned out by the block party going on next door.

Plus a good one-liner which I’m sure Robert Scoble will take in good part.

Now, I like Robert, and I know he’s got a tough job over there at Microsoft, walking that fine line between truth and dare.

1 thought on “Rage Boy exuberant

  1. Robert Scoble

    Oh, I skip over that line quite a bit. The trick is in knowing how far you can jump over the lines before your boss will slap you. Luckily I have a great boss.


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