Rageboy Reboots

I’ve just checked out the program for Reboot and I’m excited to see that Chris Locke aka Rageboy is going to talk. Here’s his synopsis:

“We die.”

With that opening salvo, I kicked off chapter one of The Cluetrain Manifesto. While death is no joke, it does put certain aspects of our common humanity into perspective. Grandiose pretensions become laughable. Self-righteous posturing becomes transparently hilarious. Fear unpacked morphs into vulnerable compassion. People of Earth: we could be heroes.

That should be fun. There’s loads of other pretty darn smart talks there, and then one by me. I’ve foolishly agreed to do a talk about Contact, subtitled “fuck off, come closer”. I’m slightly dreading it to be honest but then I probably need to re-read Chris’ perspective!

2 thoughts on “Rageboy Reboots

  1. Matt Moore

    “fuck off, come closer”? Are you sure you haven’t got Borderline Personality Disorder? If you have don’t talk to Chris Locke about it.

    Dude – sounds like it’ll be a great event.

  2. Trine-Maria

    I really look forward to your talk! I enjoyed the workshops last year really much – and I like that you promised not to do a slow powerpoint death 🙂


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