2 thoughts on “Rambling thoughts about brands and complexity

  1. hugh macleod

    Interesting how you use the word “goodwill” to describe improv theater.

    Of course, goodwill is what fuels the blogosphere as well. Not to mention rock-star companies.

    I see ourselves moving out of a “utitiliarian” or “merit” or “cool-factor” era of companies and into a “goodwill” era.

    So I ask the client: “Tell me about the goodwill you’re generating. Let’s have a conversation about it.”

    If the clinet doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about, it’s usually a sign that his brand is in big trouble.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    I think too many times the higher-ups try to pick something that they fits their global vision, when the reality is that their business is built upon regional successes. The problem with the one big brand is that it often ignores the regional nuances that make things work in that particular region.

    After going through four re-brands and three mergers with a financial goliath, I cannot tell how many times I’ve heard client’s say, “As long as they don’t change the way we do business together, we’ll be fine.” It’s something that I think the big global brand vision often overlooks.


    Rob, that’s a good example of the danger of thinking that organisations need to have an explicit vision. That may work in some circumstances; however what may also work is a less explicit model, one which allows for more difference at regional level. This feels like a more organic approach, working with what is there instead of fixating on an ideal.


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