Random Acts of Madness

Seth asks


I just got this in my email.

I have no explanation.

It’s fascinating. If there’s a point I don’t get it. You decide.

Link: Numanuma.

I followed the link, was puzzled and then started laughing.

I guess I just enjoy absurdity. It reminds me of leaning out of an office window a few years ago and shouting to a traffic warden. The warden was sticking a parking ticket on someone’s car (not mine or anyone’s I knew). I just yelled “It’s not my car!”. It made me laugh. It just did.

Small boys like to put spiders in jam jars and poke them with sticks. It’s not very nice, but as a metaphor, don’t we all occasionally want to poke the spider in the jamjar, just to see what happens? To introduce randomness into our lives.

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