Reboot Session

James and I have kicked around ideas for the session we’re contributing to Reboot next month. Here it is:

Open Sauce Marketing: Giving up control doesn’t mean the end of life as we know it.

Marketing is being shaken up much as predicted in The Cluetrain Manifesto. Organisations are having to plan less and improvise more, to succeed. Some fear chaos, but others are embracing it. This interactive session explores the spirit needed to get by in a market that is more connected and less predictable. Presented (sort of) by Johnnie Moore and James Cherkoff.

WARNING: This is a PowerPoint Free Zone, life’s too short. Some participants may experience spontaneity and laughter. Your mileage my vary. Dress acausal.

Now we’ve got a month to change our minds! Take a look at the Reboot site, there’s some interesting stuff going on.

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