I’m off shortly to Copenhagen for Reboot 9 which looks like being fun despite my giving a talk there tomorrow supposedly about “Contact“.

I’m also doing a 5 minute micropresentation with Rob Paterson on the theme of non-linearity. We’ve come up with a way to make our presentation itself non-linear and it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

3 thoughts on “Rebooting

  1. Peter Ralph

    Johnnie any chance that your non-lineratity presentation will be available here?

    As a video producer the whole theme of transplanting

    a linear medium(video) to a non-linear world(web) is front and center for me.

    I’m not clear how a live presentation can be non-linear. A medium can be linear or non-linear according to the choices/control given to the user/viewer. But unless you are giving a presentation to 1 person (or a very cohesive group) I’m not sure I follow….surely to your audience at the end of the day “what might have been” is just another way of describing “what didn’t happen”

    great stuff. thanks.


  2. Johnnie Moore

    Peter: Good question. What’s happening is that Rob Paterson and I are presenting to a series of slides where half of them have been generated by someone else and we won’t know what they are until they appear on the screen. And the ones we have created ourselves will be jumbled in order with them. So we won’t know what’s coming next. So it’ll be unlikely to appear that logical.

    If I understand correctly, I think you’re right about the end of the day, was/might-have-been point.


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