Regional variety

It’s quite interesting to see how newspapers and magazines tailor their coverage to different regions. Tabloid coverage of soccer results varies a lot by country here in the UK.

I was rather struck by this image of contrasting covers for Newsweek (from via Andrew Sullivan)

I guess in a flatter world this sort of thing becomes a little less easy to pull off without challenge.

And here’s another from the same source:

2 thoughts on “Regional variety

  1. Chris Bailey

    Fascinating stuff, Johnnie. Is it any wonder that most of us in the States have such little knowledge about the world beyond our borders? If it wasn’t for the BBC’s website, my world knowledge would consist primarily of how Britney Spears is doing in rehab.

    Sad that we Americans have to turn to foreign sources just to understand our own place in the world. But until we demand better from our media, this is what we’ll get.

  2. Helzerman's Odd Bits

    Media tailored to you…

    I’ve seen examples like this before that compare how magazines such as Time and NewsWeek tailor their covers depending on market. Several blogs including MonkChips, Registran, The Daily Dish and Johnnie Moore posted this one recently.
    Last we…


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