I got home this afternoon to find a little envelope. It looked like a greeting card from someone but closer examination revealed the address was printed – although it was stamped not franked. My original little excitement was immediately replaced by caution.

Inside was a card. The front is shown at the top of this post. “Happy Retirement”. Hmmm, that’s planning ahead a little, I thought.

Then I opened it, to find this cheery greeting:

Well, thanks a lot Fidelity (for that’s the company behind this nasty piece of work). Maybe it’s time for someone in your marketing department to take early retirement. (That’s a slightly politer version of my original, two word, response.)


1 thought on “Retirement

  1. Matt Moore

    Best case scenario: Fidelity are placing themselves in the long traditional of Durer, Holbein & Thomas Gray in providing a memento mori for us to remember our mortality by.

    Most likely scenario: Human insecurity = cash opportunities. Sending a response back stating “Everyone you love will die (eventually)”, though factually correct, is probably too much effort & open to misinterpretation.

    Anyway, how much does a shack in a location free from former Fidelity employees really cost? Because that’ll do me…


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