Reviews of More Space

Jackie Huba at Church of the Customer has nice things to say about More Space

The best business books are those that cause us to think differently and if they’re good inspire action; this book passes that test.

She also points to approving comments by Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, no less.

There is a passion for work and business that comes through in each essay… Yes, some of the writing here is self-absorbed—the most used letter in the More Space alphabet is “I.” But the risk-taking with form and content ultimately pays off in a very readable, fresh, and insightful collection.

Hmm, mea maxima culpa on the I thing.

2 thoughts on “Reviews of More Space

  1. Paul Goodison

    Surely though that is the point of a book designed to allow bloggers to have ‘More Space’ to articulate their thoughts on business. It is your view and hence more ‘I’s. Just because the writing is self-absorbed doesn’t make it wrong!

    I would rather read something that honestly proclaims ‘I tried this and it worked’ than something that says ‘this will work in every instance’.

    ‘Simple Ideas, Lightly Held’ indeed.


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