Rob doesn’t rate “Presence” (the book that is)

Rob Paterson isn’t mincing his words reviewing Presence by Senge Jaworski et al.

To say that I have been disappointed is an understatement. It was if I had eaten a cake that was made by my favourite cake baker Robin, and discovered that it had been made using a mix.

Like Rob I liked Jaworski’s book Synchronicity, so I’m sorry this new one doesn’t sound so good.

One of the things Rob dislikes is the penchant for quoting “big names” in interviews. That does ring true for me, it was one thing that irritated me about Synchronicity. I dislike books that seem to reverence status; I distrust books, for instance, that give acknowledgements to a long list of doctors and professors but no mere mortals. Rob says

Throughout the book they proudly claim to work with the largest and most powerful institutions in the world

and if so, that grates with me. I distrust the reverence of institutions as powerful.

I’ve not read the book myself, but these days a review like Rob’s is all I need to knock if off my wish list.

2 thoughts on “Rob doesn’t rate “Presence” (the book that is)

  1. Chris Corrigan

    But hold the phone…I was the one that recommended the book top Rob, and wholeheartedly at that. I am really fascinated by his review, because it is really the complete opposite of mine. I like and respect Rob a lot, and hold no grudge with his words, but I think the book has a little more going on, and that there’s a fair amount in there to trigger some revolutionary thinking.

    In fact I really like Rob’s review, and I’m thinking about my response to it, even as I disagree with a lot of what he says.

    I’ll post something at Parking Lot in the next few days to stake out my territory.


  2. andrew campbell

    Hi Guys!

    Johhnie, how is the ”Sainsbury thing” going with you these days…isn’t that something like a kind of reverance that you dislike. What is most marketing but a reverance for a wod or meme or client need?

    But hey! Wot wood i no – 😉

    love, andrew


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